Travel around Italy with Lamborghini’s artistic photography project Review

Travel around Italy with Lamborghini's artistic photography project

Lamborghini brand has recently conducted art photography project “With Italy, For Italy”. This project will be implemented by famous photographers who will travel through famous regions and landscapes of beautiful Italy to create high artistic photos. This is not only an art project but also has a great spiritual significance when it comes to bringing beautiful images of Italy when the epidemic is not over.

One of the first stops on this journey is the Abruzzo region. Here, photographer Valentina Sommariva used the splendid Lamborghini Huracán EVO Spyder and created unique images. These photos depict a story of an alien discovering a new land with majestic natural beauty, endless stretches of meadows like a new world.

Pictures continue to be born in the “back in time” journey of god Aeneas on the splendid red Aventador S. These images are composed in places like Gaeta Bay, through iconic villages and even the capital Rome. This set of photos not only offers a romantic, ancient perspective on the Italian landscape but also shows the style of photographer Anna Di Prospero herself. “Lamborghini excellence is the driving force behind a journey of images celebrating Italy’s long history and futuristic designs at the center of the people,” the photographer praised. .

Next, a set of pictures of the legendary Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 SE wearing bronze paint was made. The car went through ancient village roads, coastal roads, past hills and buildings with renaissance architecture. Photographer Wolfango Spaccarelli has taken these impressive shots.

At Umbria, photographer Alessandro Cinque used the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ to create a dynamic contrast between the breathtaking beauty of a supercar and everyday life in cornfields, city squares and cafes. critically, poetic.

This journey of photo storytelling ends in Tuscany. Here, photographer Gabriele Galimberti glides through classic Tuscany landscapes in the Huracán EVO RWD Spyder, turning rolling hills, yellow corn fields and vineyards into a sci-fi film. where the past becomes the future and dreams are born with color, just like Lamborghini.

This journey not only gives viewers pictures with magnificent natural landscapes, beautiful features in classical Italian architecture, but also combines the classic beauty of the lands with masterpieces. Modern gas of the Lamborghini brand. This meaningful and artistic journey promises to be continued in the future.

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