TopCar for sale McLaren 720S Spider Fury Review

TopCar for sale McLaren 720S Spider Fury

TopCar – a famous car tuning company from Russia, is famous for its unique, beautiful, but no less complicated packages for luxury cars and super cars. It is not only about customizing cars, but also regularly selling cars by themselves and changing colors and interiors. The latest car for sale by this tuner is the McLaren 720S Spider with the Fury upgrade package that was launched not long ago.

Like the other TopCar packages before, this McLaren 720S Spider’s custom build package is also meticulously made and when installed on the car, it gives the car a more impressive new look. As announced by TopCar, this package includes 50 different details and is made entirely of carbon fiber. To create these details with the highest perfection, TopCar took up to 30 days.

This bodykit called Fury will change almost the entire exterior of the car. The new front end will have a large lower air cavity with split details, a new bonnet, light cladding as well as a number of changes in the side cushions. At the back, the engine compartment lid is completely replaced by a carbon fiber lid, accompanied by a large spoiler with more aerodynamic details and an upgraded diffuser.

The sides, especially the lower part of the bodywork, have been specially upgraded with the addition of diffusers, carbon-fiber wind split, creating a bold look and increasing aerodynamics for this car. Vehicles equipped with five-spoke wheels with a unique design, size 20 inches for the front wheel and 21 inches for the rear wheel. Inside, the cockpit is almost exactly the same as when the car rolled away from the factory and only slightly upgraded with the door trim with the Fury logo. The car has a dark blue exterior paint, named Borealis by McLaren.

As announced by TopCar, the company will sell this degree package with two prices of 76,090 USD and 95,112 USD, not including the additional 6,854 USD of installation fee. The special wheels of the car are sold for $ 9,139. Currently, the McLaren 720S Spider with the Fury upgrade package is being sold by TopCar at a preferential price, only 442,080 USD.

The Mclaren 720S Spider is still equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which produces a maximum power of 710 horsepower and a maximum torque of 770 Nm. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a 7-speed SSG dual-clutch automatic transmission. This sports car convertible has a 0-100 km / h acceleration time in just 2.9 seconds, the 720S Spider takes 7.9 seconds to reach 200 km / h, 0.1 seconds slower than the version. Coupe.

When the hood is closed, the car can still reach a maximum speed of 341 km / h like the coupe, while open the hood, the car can run a maximum of 325 km / h. The car is also equipped with three driving modes: Comfort, Sport and Race like the company’s previous Mclaren.

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