The unique red McLaren 720S Spider in – for the first time down the street Review

The unique red McLaren 720S Spider in Vietnam for the first time down the street

After nearly three months in -, the McLaren 720S Spider of Car Passion team leader Hua Ha Phuong also appeared on the street for the first time over the weekend.

This McLaren 720S Spider arrived in – in March and is the third convertible 720S to be brought back to the country. On the outside, the car has a red paint (Memphis Red) similar to the hard-top 720S used by Phuong before. Currently, this is the only convertible 720S in – to own this paint color, the other three are available in Silica White (white), Volcano Yellow (yellow) and Aztec Gold (gold) colors.

This 720S is configured on the Performance version, so the exterior of the car has many details covered with carbon fiber, creating a aggressive and sporty look. Those details include the headlight recess, front bumper, mirrors, diffuser with hood, C-pillar and engine cover. This 720S uses a set of 10-spoke wheels made of lightweight aluminum, size 19 inches, painted matte black, inside is a brake system with ceramic – carbon brake disc with black brake shackles.

Inside, the interior is covered with leather and suede with black as the main color. The contrasting lines inside are made up of leather details, contrast stitching and red seat belts. Some other details are covered with carbon fiber such as steering wheel, center console as well as door cladding.

McLaren has found a solution to turn the complicated hood on the car only making the 720S Spider 49 kg heavier than the standard. It is the open roof of the 720S Spider that has been redesigned by the company with only one piece, combined with the completely new Monocage II-S skeleton, helping the car weigh only 1,332 kg, the lightest segment. This hood is made of carbon fiber and can be opened and closed in just 11 seconds, 6 seconds faster than the previous convertible, 650S Spider and 4 seconds faster than most other supercars.

Another upgrade is the roof can be opened and closed at speeds up to 50 km / h instead of just 30 km / h as on the 650S Spider. The roof opening mechanism is also upgraded with the ability to operate quieter than the previous generation. In addition to the carbon fiber hood, McLaren also offers an optional glass hood and electrochemical glass with the ability to darken, similar to the airplane glass, and this 720S Spider has the aforementioned option.

Another upgrade that McLaren has brought to the 720S Spider that makes it more impressive is the glass C-pillar, which improves the rear view from the driver by 12% compared to the previous convertible Super Series. The car has two luggage compartments, one in the front with a capacity of 150 liters and one in the hood position with a capacity of 58 liters. The rear luggage compartment can only be used with the car closed.

Mclaren 720S Spider is equipped with a twin-turbocharged V8 engine, 4.0-liter capacity similar to the previous hardtop version. This engine can produce maximum power of 710 hp and maximum torque of 770 Nm. The power is transmitted to the rear wheels through an automatic transmission, a 7-speed dual-clutch SSG.

This sports car convertible has a 0-100 km / h acceleration time in just 2.9 seconds, the 720S Spider takes 7.9 seconds to reach 200 km / h, top speed remains at 341. km / h with the hood closed and 325 km / h with the hood open. The vehicle is equipped with three driving modes Comfort, Sport and Track.

The price of the 720S Spider announced by McLaren is above 300,000 USD and can be increased depending on the number of options that customers choose to add when buying a car. In -, the price of this convertible supercar is over $ 1 million after paying all taxes and fees.

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