The unique Pagani couple in the world appeared impressed in the new set of photos Review

The unique Pagani couple in the world appeared impressed in the new set of photos

While every Huayra, every Zonda is a mechanical masterpiece, that doesn’t stop its wealthy owners from making these cars even more unique. Through the hands of Horaccio Pagani himself and his team in Italy, the personalized Pagani, especially the Zonda 760 series will be upgraded with the most unique designs and guaranteed not to “contact” with any other Zonda.

These two Pagani cars are owned by a Russian businessman, the owner of the famous Topcar tuning company. This Pagani Zonda 760 called Unica is finished in carbon fiber in the lower half of the car and blue and many details are inspired by Zonda Tricolore. These two colors are separated by a yellow border or three Italian flags. In addition, the car also owns aerodynamic details borrowed from the Zonda Cinque such as two wind pipes on the rear wheel arches, the spoiler and the air cavity on the roof.

The remaining Pagani is one of five Huayra Imola cars secretly developed, produced and delivered to customers by this supercar company. Each car will be individually customized according to the owner’s preferences. Here, the businessman’s Imola gets a carbon fiber bodywork, along with orange contours on the aerodynamic details on the car. Talking about the aerodynamic details of the car, it can be said that this is one of the cars with the best aerodynamic systems. Upgraded from Huayra BC, the car’s wings are more seamlessly designed while diffusing square and similar to the LMP1 racing cars. Up to now, the official information of this model has not been announced by Pagani.

As a car built for the purpose of serving the owner on the track, Huayra Imola has an interior compartment using a variety of lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber as well as Alcantara suede. These details are not only lightweight, they are also one of the most beautiful and premium materials used in a car.

As for Zonda Unica, the interior of this car is designed in a slightly more luxurious direction than Huayra Imola. The interior of the car is leather upholstery in two tones of cream and beautiful blue. The steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake are covered with luxurious wood instead of sportier materials like the other car. Aluminum is still selected for cladding in the dashboard, pedals, and many other details.

Zonda 760 is a special product line of super car company Pagani. When customers choose this program, they will receive a unique Pagani designed by them in cooperation with the company with the same name given to it by themselves. This can also be considered the part that specializes in reviving the “dead” Zonda when many of the 760 were born after the owner and their Zonda had an accident. All Zonda after being turned into 760 will be equipped with a naturally aspirated V12 engine, with a capacity of 7.3 liters. This AMG-derived engine will be tweaked to produce 760 horsepower. Customers can also choose the gearbox used in the car, where the Zonda Unica uses a 6-speed manual transmission.

As for Pagani Huayra Imola, the Italian supercar brand has just announced the model name with the production number of 5 units without any information about the engine and the performance of the car. To date, two Huayra Imola have been delivered out of a total of five. The second Imola is somewhat “flashier” than this one and is settled in the US. Although the capacity and performance have not been announced, the car will still use AMG’s twin-turbocharged V12 engine and the X-trac’s 7-speed automatic transmission.

Currently, both of these unique super cars are settling down in Spain with Gibralta license plates and regularly appearing at meetings and journeys throughout Europe.

Photo: Oleg Egorov

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