The sports car roof sub-roof of Mercedes-AMG

The sports car roof sub-roof of Mercedes-AMG

Mercedes-Benz has recently introduced a new roof-top trunk for some models. This hood impresses with a modern, sporty look with aerodynamic details designed and developed by the AMG division.

When users use the cars for purposes other than everyday commuting such as going on a family outing or taking long trips, sometimes the standard luggage compartment on the cars is not enough. to be able to store all kinds of luggage. That is why the option of equipping the roof trunk is one of the top choices because this sub-trunk can be easily removed as well as significantly increasing the storage space on the car.

To create this sub-trunk, the brand has applied the highest technical standards as well as applied a modern design with details to identify the Mercedes-AMG brand. In addition, this sub-trunk has been tested by the AMG High-Performance Team in tests to ensure optimum values ​​for aerodynamics, handling and noise control on installed vehicles. this detail.

The lid of the sub-trunk is modernly designed, accompanied by a magno gray paint with decorative side lines. Combined with that are some glossy black details that help complete the beauty of this sub-trunk. The sporty design of this sub-trunk is combined with a diffuser mounted at the rear to increase the aerodynamics of the vehicle as well as reduce the noise of the airflow flowing through the slots when the car moves at high speed. In addition, the handle of the trunk is designed to be integrated directly into the lid to help reduce air resistance. The front and sides of the trunk are all studded with the Mercedes-AMG logo to help people see the brand easily.

The Mercedes-AMG roof trunk has been developed into two versions to optimize handling and to best suit the installed vehicle. In addition to the version designed for the majority of Mercedes-Benz models, the brand has provided an additional version specifically developed for the Mercedes coupé models. This version is only different from the original version in the design of the rear diffuser to better match the style of the coupes.

This trunk is made of durable plastic as well as high rigidity, so it can easily withstand all weather conditions. This can be conveniently mounted on all Mercedes-Benz models with a roof rack. In addition, this sub-trunk is equipped with a quick-release clamping system, so that users can completely disassemble this part easily. This extra trunk has dimensions of 220 cm x 85 cm x 44 cm (calculated by Length x Width x Height), the weight of this piece is 26 kg.

The trunk of this car has a capacity of up to 410 liters and can be opened from two sides, thereby helping users to arrange things easily. The maximum load capacity of the hood is 70 kg. In addition, as recommended by Mercedes-Benz, the cars with the hood of Mercedes-AMG can operate at a maximum speed of 130 km / h.

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