The second McLaren 650S Spider Liberty Walk in – appeared in the legendary Harrods Livery shirt Review

The second McLaren 650S Spider Liberty Walk in Vietnam appeared in the legendary Harrods Livery shirt

Choosing a custom build or upgrade for “already perfect” cars does not seem easy. For supercars from the McLaren brand, this is perhaps somewhat more difficult. Most of the McLaren has an aerodynamic design but no less artistic, and can also maximize the ability to operate, so it is quite “difficult” to choose the package. suitable for enhancing the beauty of the vehicle.

Liberty Walk has brought an upgrade package suitable for the McLaren 650S Spider with a unique style but no less familiar. The “uniqueness” that Liberty Walk brings to the 650S is the Widebody method with large wheel arches attached to the body by rivets, along with the pneumatic suspension system that helps the car to have can lower to close to the ground.

True to its name, “Liberty Walk” is understood figuratively as the freedom to upgrade your car as you like. That is why the works from Liberty Walk are bold personal, from which each car has a very “own” beauty.

However, to be able to install Liberty Walk custom packs, builders need to cut off a part of the bodywork to ensure operation of the pneumatic suspension system. This is also one of the reasons why many owners are afraid of choosing this package.

But with the spirit of openness and creative freedom in the car build-up that Liberty Walk has spread, the Liberty Walk movement has gradually grown strongly around the world. – is not an exception when there are 5 cars equipped with custom packages from this brand, and the most recent one is the McLaren 650S Spider Liberty Walk with the Harrods Livery coat.

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Out of 5 cars equipped with Liberty Walk in -, the McLaren 650S Spider is the only model mentioned twice when there are two cars equipped with the package from this brand.

The Liberty Walk package for the 650S includes a redesigned front bumper and rear bumper, a new cap and a carbon-made undercarriage, a large rear wing and especially four Widebody wheel arch cladding bold brand identity. Accompanying the exterior upgrades is the Roberuta pneumatic fork system that helps the car to operate more smoothly.

Comes with the Liberty Walk package are Navaja-ECX multi-spoke wheels from Forgiato brand. The wheels are painted in glossy black mainly with yellow details that blend with the car’s color scheme. Choosing the right wheel set for custom-built cars is not an easy thing, if wrong choice can lead to a loss of the beauty of the car. The Forgiato Navaja-ECX, however, is probably the perfect choice for the 650S Spider Liberty Walk. Combined with the black and gold rims is the brake shackles that have been redone in gold with the new LB Works logo. The Liberty Walk kit with Forgiato wheels gave the McLaren 650S Spider a new look, “more aggressive” than the original 650S.

Replacing the original orange color is a new “coat” inspired by the colors on the legendary McLaren F1 GTR of Harrods and Mach One Racing brands. Harrods Mach One Racing car wears main yellow color with green lines running along the car. At the 1995 Le Mans race, McLaren F1 GTR Mach One Racing finished third. Years later, this shirt was used again on the McLaren P1 GTR model launched at Geneva Motorshow as a tribute. to Harrods’ glorious past.

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Based on the original Harrods colors, the 650S Spider Liberty Walk is re-accrued with a darker yellow color as well as a unique emerald green vertical line. Accompanying it is the number on the 2 doors with a small LB Works logo near the rear wheel arch. In addition, on some details such as the front lip as well as the rear of the vehicle, there are warnings such as “No Step” or “Do not touch” inspired by famous fighters. Unlike the other 4 Liberty Walks with a lot of stickers and logos on the body, the 650S Spider Liberty Walk in a Harrods shirt is quite monotonous but “beautiful” in a simple and unique way.

The car is also equipped with an exhaust system from the IPE brand. With this equipment, the car’s engine sound will become stronger and more powerful than the original exhaust system. The Mclaren 650S is equipped with a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces 650 horsepower – as the name suggests. With this power, the car can accelerate from 0-100km / h in just 3 seconds before reaching a top speed of up to 333km / h.

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