The pair Lancia Statos ancient – modern together on the Bonhams auction floor Review

The pair Lancia Statos ancient - modern together on the Bonhams auction floor

Lancia has long been famous for the racing cars that dominated Rally races around the world in the late 20th century with 15 championships. One of its most famous and successful racing cars is Stratos, a two-door coupe with angular design features like a flying saucer on the ground.

Originally, the car was created by a team of engineers led by Marcelo Gandini for Carrozerria Bertone with the aim of creating a Rally racing car capable of dominating tournaments at its time. Made by studio Bertone, the car is not only an unbeaten machine, but also one of the most beautiful ever built. During years of competition around the world, the car won three consecutive WRC championships in 1974, 1975 and 1976. Then the car won three individual championships at the European Rally Champion and when WRC came out. Award eye for individual steering wheel, it also won award.

Lancia Stratos HF Stadale is a commercial version of the Stratos HF racing car. The car retains the typical design of the car, along with the V6 Dino engine block produced by Ferrari. This engine block was only supplied with 500 units to Lancia as directed by Enzo Ferrari, so only 492 Stratos, including racing and commercial cars, were produced. This 2.5-liter V6 engine block is capable of generating 190 hp, maximum torque of 226 Nm on the commercial version. The vehicle uses a 5-speed manual transmission and the weight is only 950 kg, so the car only needs 6.5 seconds to reach 100 km / h and the maximum speed that the car can reach is 232 km / h. The car uses the inner frame made of steel, integrated with anti-roll frame, the outer shell is made of fiberglass. Lancia stopped producing Stratos HF Stradale in 1978.

After the success of the ’70s, a teenage boy named Chris Hrabalek had a burning intention to revive this car in the ’90s. He used the name Stratos and designed a successor version to pay tribute to this model in his graduation project at the Royal College of Arts, vehicle design. This design first came to the public in 2005 at Geneva Motorshow with an anonymous sponsor behind Hrabalek.

However, things did not go well at that time. After its debut in Geneva, Hrabelek signed a contract with Pininfarina to complete this car. Both chose the foundation of the F430 Scuderia to build the car and this impressed Luca di Montezemolo, the Ferrari CEO at the time. However, the supercar company did not want to share any of its products with a third party that made the car anymore and the project was forgotten for a while.

Up to now, 430 Scuderia are no longer produced by Ferrari and are currently available in the used car market. The former Pininfarina engineer responsible for his project acquired the rights and set up the Manufattura Automobili Torino (MAT) to build the modern Stratos. MAT has shortened the 430 chassis and upgraded the 430 Scuderia’s naturally aspirated, 4.3-liter V8 engine to 540 hp.

MAT will only produce 25 new Stratos with prices from 564,000 USD with a Ferrari F430 Scuderia for MAT to complete. Currently, the MAT Stratos above is one of the first to be shipped, wearing a retro Alitalia shirt. The car is only 3,000 km away and will be auctioned by Bonhams during the Retromoblie event in Paris next February.

If you really want to own a part of the history of the world WRC, you should look for a Stratos HF Stradale. Fortunately, at the upcoming auction event, next to the MAT Stratos will be one of the 492 original Stratos produced in 1976. This Stratos HF Stradale is painted blue with copper gold wheels. . The MAT Stratos is expected to reap $ 900,000 while the Stratos HF Stradale is worth somewhere close to $ 500,000.

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