The Mclaren F1s have the most interesting background Review

The Mclaren F1s have the most interesting background

106 Mclaren F1 cars are always 106 most special super cars at present and in the future. These cars were a major step forward of the car industry in the early ’90s, last century. They bring groundbreaking technologies, materials, and designs with records that still exist today.

The Mclaren F1s were equipped with the most advanced carbon fiber frame of the time, not only that, almost the entire car was made of this material. If you can talk about other materials besides leather, composite, aluminum on F1, it can only be gold and titanium. The use of this variety of lightweight materials and the compact design of the car makes F1 only dry at 1,138 kg. The rear 6.1 liter V12 engine block is calibrated from the BMW V12 engine, producing 618 horsepower, transmitting the power to the rear wheel through a 6-speed manual transmission. Up to now, the Mclaren F1 is still the car using the fastest naturally aspirated engine in the world.

Of the 106 Mclaren F1s produced between 1992 and 1996, perhaps a few of them actually own a glorious life instead of just in the garage of a certain collection of super cars. And here, let’s take a look at the profiles of these cars.

Mclaren F1 # 061

This is known to be one of the most famous Mclaren F1s and is also a unique Mclaren F1. Yes, the Mclaren F1 carries frame number 61, painted in this unique Burgundy red color that was once owned by actor Rowan Atkinson. However, that is not the brightest point of this car’s history.

Talking about the point that got this car so much attention, you have to talk about the accidents it encountered. Newly purchased by Rowan in 1997 for nearly a million pounds at the time, it only took two years to return to the factory in Working with the front end damaged. The car was quickly repaired and handed over to its owner. That’s not all. In 2011, the car crashed again, this time much heavier when the engine, gearbox and rear body broke off the car. Repairing this Mclaren F1 costs the insurance company up to £ 910,000. Of course, with a crash that damaged half of the car, there must be a test after the recovery process and the car only takes 3 days to pass them all.

Car crash in 2011

After being delivered back to Rowan, the car was owned by its owner in 2013. Two years later, the car sold for $ 8 million when the watch scored 41,000 miles.

Mclaren F1 # 11R

Starting life like other Mclaren F1 GTRs, the F1 GTR bearing the 11R frame number was sold to the Gioix Racing Team in 1996. The car carried Franck Muller Watch stamps before being repainted orange and black. at the end of that year. The car was then sold to an anonymous buyer.

But, this anonymous buyer is not too quiet, it is Mercedes-Benz. The German carmaker made the decision to buy this Mclaren F1 GTR because it needed a car to test racing cars using its V12 engine, and F1 was a great choice. The company quickly removed the BMW V12 engine and added its own engine with improvements to its aerodynamic development. Mercedes-Benz hid this car after cooperating with Mclaren on F1 race. Not long after, the car crashed during a press test drive and disappeared ever since.

According to many sources, the car was then “zin” and sold secretly to a car collector. The past about racing and how it was used to create racing cars is not widely publicized.

Mclaren F1 # 43

About this car, we will not find out why its profile is special but will talk about how it was created.

Simulation of Motokazu Sayama’s Mclaren F1 (Image: Car Throttle)

In 1995, before Mclaren brought the F1 GTRs to the world for the first time, there was a call from Japan asking to fund a GTR. However, that is not allowed when all vehicles are sponsored. But that person, Mr. Motokazu Sayama – President of Ueno clinic, refused to give up. In response, Mclaren also accepted his offer by bringing out a prototype car for him to invest money, however, on one condition. The company will bring this F1 GTR “Ueno Clinic” to Le Mans, if it wins, Mclaren will own it, otherwise, Sayama will have the right to buy this car. The car was completed six weeks before its first race and brought to the competition at Le Mans. 24 hours after set off, it was the win car. This means that no Mclaren F1 will follow Motokazu Sayama back to Japan and this F1 GTR # 01R will remain in Working.

Mclaren F1 GTR “Ueno Clinic” (# 01R)

However, to thank the businessman for his support and passion for his models, Mclaren created F1 # 43 in gray-black paint similar to the F1 GTR he invested in.

10 Mclaren F1s of the Sultan of Brunei

The 10 Mclaren F1s are not too surprised with this character. When this car was released, he bought 5 commercial vehicles and 5 units of three other versions: GT, LM and GTR.

First, let’s take a look at the commercial vehicles you have. The first frame number, painted bright red, had a rather meager fate when it crashed shortly after handover and was disassembled to make spare parts for other vehicles. The disappearance of this car makes the 002 frame number the first Mclaren F1 produced, the car is painted gray and is still shared with the F1 number 008 at the garage. For the other two, a black one (frame 015) was sold to Top Gear MC Chris Evan. The other is painted yellow, after being sold out of Brunei, the car is repainted white and upgraded with a McLaren aerodynamic package.

Mclaren F1 # 014 after being painted white and upgraded to F1 HDK

As for the fifth of the F1 LM, GTR and GT, they are still kept secretly in his warehouse. He has three F1 LMs out of a total of 5, two of which (LM1 and LM4) are painted differently than the other three are orange, his LM5 is still painted orange (Papaya Spark). The next race car was F1 GTR with frame number 09R. The car was painted the same color as Sayama’s car that won the Le Mans 24h, however, it was never made public. Finally, he owns one of three F1 GTs, frame number 54F1GT, which is painted black.

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