The King bought 19 Rolls-Royce just to serve his family Review

The King bought 19 Rolls-Royce just to serve his family

King Mswati third created a wave of backlash by adding 19 Rolls-Royce supercars last week to his huge collection of supercars. The third Mswati is now king of Eswatini, a poor country located in Africa. Accordingly, all 19 cars will be used by him to serve his family in the future.

Journalist Wandile Dludlu of Pademo, South Africa (an opposition publication) c, criticized: “Last week (early November), a total of 19 Rolls-Royce cars were delivered to Swaziland (name ex of Eswatini) to serve exclusively the king, his mother and his wife. This can be seen as a blatant manifestation of arrogance and completely despise the feelings of the poor in Swaziland ”.

Twenty Rolls-Royce cars delivered to King Mswati third were transported home in four different trucks. 19 of these are the last Ghost Series IIs rolling off the factory. Ghost painted two colors white – red and pink – white will be used to serve his wife and mother. Meanwhile, he rewards himself an orange Cullinan. It is known that this Cullinan was comprehensively personalized by him.

Not stopping at Rolls-Royce, the “king” of this country is also said to put 120 (!) Other BMWs. This BMW number is painted two colors blue – white and belongs to version 540i and SUV X3. Currently, these vehicles are available in this country. Previously, King Mswati the third was known for a huge car collection including 20 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman cars, along with a BMW X6 and Maybach 62S. Last year, he also bought himself two private jets worth $ 13.2 million

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It is not clear whether this car was ordered directly or bought by him from an intermediary. Another case like this happened earlier this year when Mercedes said it was unaware that dictator Kim Jong-un owned the bulletproof S600 Pullman they produced.

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