The first McLaren 720S returned to the country to re-export Saigon street with a personality look

The first McLaren 720S returned to the country to re-export Saigon street with a personality look

In recent years, the name “McLaren 720S” has always been one of the top keywords in the list of supercars that are most popular with Vietnamese customers. Specifically, there were 6 720S Coupe and 5 720S Spider of the convertible variant brought home by private importers. Most notably, the appearance of the first McLaren 720S in -, the car once settled in Hanoi before it was bought by a car player – not long ago.

Arriving in – at the end of 2017, the white McLaren 720S Glacier White is the opening gun for the trend of driving 720S in our country. The car used to be selected by the old owner with a white coat with decal but was quickly stripped by the car player -, replaced by a luminous blue decal. This is the second supercar model in our country to be “transformed” by the owner of the exterior with a luminous blue decal layer, after the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 degrees Vorsteiner Verona Edizione.

McLaren 720S is a powerful transformation of the British supercar brand when applying a completely new design language, the car uses a frame made entirely from carbon fiber and the shell is made of sturdy aluminum panels. , this helps minimize the “weight” for the 720S and optimize the vehicle’s performance.

McLaren offers its customers three optional packages of the 720S including Standard, Performance and finally Luxury. The first McLaren 720S to return to – belongs to the Luxury version, so some details such as the front cradle, the small air cavity on the side of the car, the air vent on the bonnet, the headlight cavity, … are all made from the material named Dark Palladium was developed by McLaren himself. However, the owner of this 720S has chosen to stick a carbon fiber fake decal on some details to create a highlight for the body.

At the front of the car, McLaren gives the 720S an aerodynamic look with the appearance of large wind cavities. The light on the 720S has been improved by McLaren with an LED light system using Static Adaptive Headlight technology, namely, there will be 5 LED bulbs shining into the nearest car area, the remaining 12 will shine straight ahead but do not dazzle the opposite vehicle.

A noteworthy point about the design of the McLaren 720S is that the British car company has completely removed the dual wind cavities arranged on both sides of the car like the 650S or 675LT, instead two small wind cavities placed directly below headlight. The reason McLaren removed two traditional air vents is because they applied dual body technology (Monocage II) to the 720S, which means McLaren has added a space in the middle of the body to help direct air from the car. The air intake cavity straightens into the engine compartment to reduce heat, effectively making it almost instantaneous when the 720S’s heat dissipation is improved by 15% compared to the predecessor 650S.

Another plus point for the body is that the 720S has a fairly light weight, only about 1,283 kg, 18 kg lighter than the 650S, which helps to maximize the performance of the McLaren supercar model compared to other competitors in the same segment. The electric system on the car is “forcibly” reduced by 3 kg, the brake system is also 2 kg lighter, the Airbox structure helps to lose another 1.5 kg and finally the new suspension helps to reduce 16 kg.

The original car used a set of beautiful 5-spoke star-shaped wheels painted black, accompanied by high-end Pirelli P Zero tires. However, at the recent re-export of Saigon, the car was suddenly chosen by the owner of the multi-spoke wheel set of the McLaren 650S brother. In addition, the first McLaren 720S to return to – is equipped with a high-performance carbon ceramic disc brake system and the brake shackles are painted in prominent gold instead of the previous matte gray brake shackles. When operating at 200 km / h and the vehicle meets obstacles, the aforementioned disc brake system only takes 117 meters to stop the car completely.

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