The all-new Honda CBR600RR 2021 turns on a powerful bonnet

The all-new Honda CBR600RR 2021 turns on a powerful bonnet

Equipped with a new generation 4-cylinder engine block and undercarred exhaust setup gives Honda CBR600RR 2021 powerful roars full of excitement and excitement for any biker.

Right after the CBR250RR was launched and still stirring the Southeast Asian market, the all-new Honda CBR600RR 2021 officially launched in Japan, promising to continue the success of the previous generation of legend.

Before the official launch, Honda introduced the new CBR600RR at a public event, allowing fans to have a clearer look at the design and experience some impressive features for themselves.

Recently, also at Honda’s public event, The biker now Japan has uploaded a close-up video of the CBR600RR 2021 model. More specifically, the video also gives viewers some initial impressions of the Honda CBR600RR 2021 when turning on the bonnet, emitting attractive sounds overflowing. full of power.

Although only equipped with the original exhaust system, the Honda CBR600RR 2021 still delivers powerful and powerful sounds, characteristic of the 4-cylinder engine block.

Seamless head with LED headlamps with 4 balls are shaped sharp and neat. Located in the middle dividing the headlight cluster into two separate parts is the air intake cavity – a new design feature on current sportbike lines.

Honda CBR600RR 2021 owns a completely new outfit with a style inherited from the CBR1000RR-R senior. The neat fairing runs seamlessly with the head-set creating a more flexible and durable feel. Meanwhile, the CBR600RR is also equipped with a small spoiler on the bumper to help improve the aerodynamics.

TFT color meter panel is capable of clearly displaying the necessary technical parameters during operation. Located right below, we can see the presence of the HISS system (Honda Ignition Security System) with the ability to operate intelligently and especially effectively.

Currently, Honda has not announced the specific specifications related to the engine as well as the standard equipment on the new generation CBR600RR sportbike. Meanwhile, the predecessor of the CBR600RR uses a 4-cylinder engine, with a capacity of 599cc, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injection, producing 120 horsepower and 66 Nm of torque.

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