Supercars and sports cars gather at the wedding of Saigon players Review

Supercars and sports cars gather at the wedding of Saigon players

On the morning of May 21, at a street in the central area of ​​District 1, a series of super cars, super cars and sports cars gathered to join a caravan of a bride. Car players -. The most prominent is the convertible supercar driven by the groom – Ferrari 488 Spider.

The original car was owned by Bianco Avus, a white paint, to serve the big day, the car was glued to a prominent yellow tone. In addition, the car body is decorated with roses on the bonnet and the rear bumper, the rearview mirrors tie an eye-catching white bow.

In addition to the impressive new coat, the “super horse” is also painted by the owner of the silver 5 double-spoke wheels in glossy black. The exterior of the car is further upgraded with carbon fiber details from the Novitec Rosso brand. And yet, the engine cover on the car has been redesigned with a transparent glass cap combined with Capristo’s carbon fiber and the original metal exhaust has been replaced by a titanium exhaust cap of Frequency Intelligent Exhaust.

Accompanying the rear of the Ferrari 488 Spider is the “super cow” Huracan LP610-4 that is unique in -. The car impresses with Giallo Midas gold paint and a series of carbon details of the German tuner. The original set of spokes were replaced with a PUR with a propeller-shaped design with beautiful carbon scales, which is known to be limited to only 25 units sold. The exhaust system on the car is also upgraded with the exhaust of Frequency Intelligent Exhaust with Akrapovic exhaust.

The last supercar to join the procession is the red Audi R8 V10 Plus. The exterior of the car is in a red-black sporty tone, the black multi-spoke wheels combined with carbon details on the body such as the front fascia, rearview mirror cladding, side air vents and rear spoiler create a point press for this Audi R8. In addition, the car is also modified with the Capristo’s exhaust system that delivers powerful sound.

The caravan of Saigon car players also has the presence of the British supercar Rolls-Royce Ghost. Unlike the regular Rolls-Royce Ghost, this super luxury car has been upgraded by the owner of the Ghost Series II version with a set of 5-spoke wheels that are beautifully designed on the Ghost Black Badge. The car owns the original white paint but has been re-coordinated by the owner in a fancy white-black tone.

The pair of two-door sports cars Porsche Cayman and BMW 4 Series also join the procession of up to dozens of these. The Porsche Cayman is glued to beautiful Baby Blue with some carbon details added to the exterior and the original exhaust system is replaced by Frequency Intelligent Exhaust. The BMW 4 Series is upgraded with the bodykit of the high-performance M4 version with the multi-spoke wheels and M Performance exhaust system, the highlight on the body is a pretty impressive purple decal.

In addition to super cars, super cars and some sports cars, the caravan also brings together a series of luxury names such as SUV Maserati Levante, duo Porsche Panamera, Mercedes-Benz C300 AMG, CLA 250 4Matic, E200, E200 Edition E and Mercedes-Benz S400.

A set of more than a dozen vehicles participated in the procession of the Saigon car player, starting in the center of District 1, going through the Sala urban area and stopping at a high-end urban area in District 9. The convoy is worth dozens – has attracted a lot of attention from pedestrians, creating a colorful scene for the places where the convoy passes.

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