Starting a supercar company with Christian von Koenigsegg Review

Starting a supercar company with Christian von Koenigsegg

Each year, many newcomers enter the car manufacturing playground around the world. However, most of these fledgling manufacturers will leave the game after a short time for many different reasons. A few others have had great success in the market and one of them is the supercar company from Sweden – Koenigsegg.

In 1994, Christian von Koenigsegg, an enthusiastic young man just 22 years old, determined to build a car company. At that time, he did not choose the direction of manufacturing popular cars for his company. At that time, he directed this young car company with a vision of conquering world records, competing with the most famous super car brands.

At first, Christian said, things were slow and seemed to be difficult. The first car was developed by him and his colleagues in 1994, however it was not until 2002 that everything was completed and the CC-based CC8S started rolling. After more than two decades on the market, Koenigsegg has only produced 150 vehicles. However, every Koenigsegg rolled out of the factory in Angelholm is a masterpiece of art and mechanics.

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Recently, APEX ONE had the opportunity to sit down with Christian von Koenigsegg at the Koenigsegg headquarters to listen to his sharing about the start-up day as well as some advice for people, starters. joint.

According to him, Koenigsegg was the result of an effort, a vision he constantly pursued and considered the truth to be directed towards. “Keep your feet on the ground and look into reality, however, your mind has to be a bit above the clouds to maintain your vision and dreams,” Christian told APEX ONE.

The balance between truth and vision is evident in the cars Koenigsegg makes, and his cars push the technological limits of the vehicle world to new heights. But it’s not enough to have a realistic vision, you have to be willing to work for it. People searching for “an easy tip” will not be satisfied with what they find. “Of course, no tip,” Christian said. “It’s just a lot of work at work.”

Not only work hard when it’s new and exciting, but hard work overcoming initial setbacks and successes. Whether it looks like you’ve reached the top of the mountain or like you didn’t get a chance to get there, the ride won’t stop.

“If I can give any advice, of course, stay focused. Don’t give up when it’s really painful and dark, that’s when you really need to keep working even though it’s painful and seemingly impossible and everything in your body tells you that you are. should stop. But that’s when you really need to keep working and pushing, otherwise there won’t be any chance, ”he added. “Keep your focus when it seems impossible.”

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