“Soi” in detail the first black McLaren 720S Spider returned to – Review

"Soi" in detail the first black McLaren 720S Spider returned to Vietnam

At the end of June, the car lovers in the country had the opportunity to stir again when images of the British supercar McLaren 720S Spider were suddenly posted. It is known that this is the fifth McLaren 720S Spider returned to the country, the interesting point is that all five cars in – have different exterior paint colors.

The fifth McLaren 720S Spider in –

Following the success of the 720S, the Spider-convertible variant was officially “unveiled” by the British automaker at the end of 2018. In the Vietnamese market, the 720S series is creating a real craze so far. 6 720S Coupe and 5 720S Spider were brought in to serve the shopping needs of domestic customers, making the 720S the most popular McLaren in -, surpassing the 650S Spider with 7 pcs. According to information from a number of private importers, in the coming time, more McLaren 720S Spider will arrive in -, promising a boom in the number of McLaren cars in our country.

Strong glossy black paint

Similar to the previous four 720S Spiders, the 5th McLaren 720S Spider belongs to the Performance version with a series of details made from carbon fiber in both the exterior and interior. Specifically, the British car company McLaren provides customers with 3 versions of the 720S Spider line, including: Standard, Luxury and the most advanced version of Performance.

Specifically, this McLaren 720S Spider convertible model in glossy black paint has a number of details on the exterior made of carbon fiber such as the exhaust vents on the bonnet, the rearview mirror cladding, the air slot. at the rear of the car, … The new design of the 720S Spider lies in the fact that the two transparent rear pillars help maximize visibility at the rear of the vehicle and increase the amount of light entering the cockpit. In addition, this McLaren 720S Spider also owns a hood made of electrochemical glass, capable of switching from dark to transparent glass with the touch of a button.

In terms of appearance, the Spider variant does not have much difference from the Coupe version, except the hood has been replaced by a hard top, capable of opening and closing in 11 seconds and at speeds below 50. km / h. Thanks to the use of the Monocage II-S frame system made entirely from carbon fiber, McLaren does not need to reinforce the chassis when cutting the hood, despite the addition of the roof opening / closing mechanism, but the weight of McLaren 720S Spider only stops at 1,332 kg, 50 kg heavier than the Coupe version.

The 720S Spider is the first convertible model of the British automaker to be equipped with a one-piece convertible, so McLaren has made the most of this to convert the ordinary roof into a special glass and equip it for the hood adds many other technologies. McLaren said that when the opening / closing process takes place, the sound emitted from the electric motors is almost absent, different from the somewhat noisy noises on most convertibles today. .

The car is equipped with a very sophisticated 5-spoke diamond-cut five-spoke wheels with a diameter of 19 inches. Inside is a high-performance disc brake system with carbon ceramic brake discs and orange McLaren brake shackles as highlights. In the front wheel hole position is the car name “720S” cleverly placed with the prominent red S painted.

Large-sized wind wing is aerodynamic

The rear bumper is equipped with a large spoiler, which can be adjusted with the button. The exhaust system with two symmetrical dual exhaust throats is a feature of McLaren models. In addition, the rear bumper of the car is made of a material called Dark Palladium that has a pit design with a large wind diffuser, combined with ventilation slots to reveal the engine block inside.

The cockpit of the car impresses with a distinctive orange-black color scheme, door dashboard, dashboard, central armrest and seats are all covered with Alcantara leather, sewing thread and seat belts. prominent orange. Different from the Standard and Luxury versions, the interior compartment on the Performance version has a sportier color scheme, accompanied by a series of carbon details such as the steering wheel, paddle shifters and dashboard cladding. The car is equipped with a large screen placed between the two seats and a premium Bowers & Wilkins sound system.

The “heart” of the McLaren 720S Spider is a twin-turbocharged V8 engine block with a capacity of 4.0 liters, producing a maximum capacity of 710 horsepower and a maximum torque of 770 Nm. Vehicles capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h in 2.9 seconds, 0-200 km / h in 7.9 seconds and has a top speed of 341 km / h. Especially even with the hood open, McLaren 720S Spider still hits the speed threshold of over 320 km / h. McLaren equips the car with three different driving modes including: Comfort, Sport and Track, similar to its other models.

In the US market, a McLaren 720S Spider has a starting price of 315,000 USD, while a 720S Spider to – will cost no less than one million USD after paying taxes and fees in full. number plate. According to the share of the importer of the black McLaren 720S Spider, this convertible supercar has a selling price of more than 25 -.

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