See Ferrari GTC4 Lusso unique by Tailor Made

See Ferrari GTC4 Lusso unique by Tailor Made

Ferrari – the famous supercar brand comes from always known for the most powerful and impressive supercars of their time. In addition, this car company is also famous for “fastidious” when only allowing customers to personalize the car within the framework that the company allows. Through the Tailor Made division, Ferrari customers can make any car they want and this GTC4 Lusso is a product created by Ferrari and Tailor Made for Lapo Elkann, former group executive director. Fiat and the founder of Garage Italia as well as a partner of many major fashion brands.

This Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is made possible through Ferrari’s Tailor Made personalization department for Mr. Elkann. This color design called “Azzurra” was conceptualized by Garage Italia with the harmony of two different shades of blue on the exterior as well as being connected to the inside of the four-seater cockpit. The car’s color scheme is inspired by the Ferrari 400i, which Lapo Elkann bought in 2016. According to longtime Ferrari enthusiasts, Blu Le Mans paint on this car is one of the colors. the most beautiful paint ever used by Ferrari.

On a modern four-seat Ferrari, Blu Le Mans has been modified to create the paint color Blu Navy Garage Italia. This beautiful paint color is used on the majority of the exterior and is contrasted by the brighter Azzuro Lapo, created by Lapo Elkann’s request and sold exclusively to him. And yet, this blue paint is also used to “makeup” the air cavities, around the front grille, brake shackles. This GTC4 Lusso uses a set of five-spoke wheels that are painted dark green and decorated with bright blue lines. The individually crafted “Garage Italia” logo is painted on the brake shackles in place of the Ferrari brand name.

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