Real image Honda CBR600RR with optional Quickshifter

Real image Honda CBR600RR with optional Quickshifter

Honda CBR600RR The completely new has just suddenly revealed itself with a strong and sharp design of sportbike, notably the optional Quickshifter speed-shift assistance system. In addition, CBR600RR also received a series of modern equipment such as LED lighting system, TFT color meter and high-end electronic technology.

In addition to the recently launched CBR250RR, the CBR600RR is also a remarkable sportbike model of Honda and has received a lot of attention from the biker community. Recently, the magazine Young Machine Japan has suddenly posted detailed pictures of the all-new Honda CBR600RR with impressive specifications.

The overall design of the new generation Honda CBR600RR includes strong and sharp lines inherited from the CBR1000RR-R senior. The highlight is the front panel of the car is a 4-component LED headlight cluster with a sharp and compact design, in the middle is the familiar air intake cavity seen on sportbike lines recently.

Meanwhile, the Honda CBR600RR fairing runs seamlessly with the front end, creating a neat overall and providing a sense of flexibility and stability when moving at high speed. In addition, Honda also equips the CBR600RR with a pair of small fairing wings to improve the aerodynamics, providing a much more stable performance.

The muscular fuel tank with embossed lines is an indispensable detail on a sportbike model like the Honda CBR600RR. Not only that, the fuel tank also receives a 2-sided knee recess design to create the most comfortable sitting position for the driver. The car uses a set of saddle with a familiar 2-piece design.

The rear is sharp with a powerful high-claw design, the rear lights using LED technology are integrated right behind the rear of the car. Meanwhile, the oval exhaust, which is arranged just below the rear of the car, is quite similar to some of the current top pkl models.

In terms of equipment, The new Honda CBR600RR receives a TFT color screen capable of displaying the necessary operating information, accompanied by a series of electronic technologies such as traction control system, front wheel deflection control, control engine braking force …

The Honda CBR600RR suspension system consists of a pair of forks in front of the back and monoshock at the rear. Like its predecessor, the CBR600RR still uses a pair of Y-shaped 6-spoke wheels combined with high-performance Dunlop Sportmax tires. Meanwhile, the Honda CBR600RR’s standard brake system includes double discs for the front and single rear wheels, along with Tokico brake pads and ABS.

The new generation Honda CBR600RR also gets the option of a Quickshifter quick-shift assistance system, similar to the recently launched CBR1000RR-R. Thus, unlike some current competitors, CBR600RR will only have Quickshifter as optional equipment.

In addition to owning a completely new look and more advanced equipment, the Japanese automaker has also secretly confirmed that the new generation CBR600RR will have a different engine block, more powerful and of course capable of responding. the most stringent emissions standards available today. Meanwhile, the old version of the CBR600RR is equipped with a 4-cylinder engine, with a capacity of 599cc, liquid-cooled, producing 120 hp and 66 Nm of torque.

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