“Rare goods” the stunning Lamborghini Countach Periscopio Review

"Rare goods" the stunning Lamborghini Countach Periscopio

Talking about Lamborghini Countach means talking about a golden age of the brand with a landmark car, bringing the brand’s name to the stage of fame. With a top notch design made by Bertone, the Lamborghini Countach has a long, square and square shape with a comfortable windshield. If you put the Countach next to the cars of the time, this seems like a car from the future. Not stopping there, Countach is also the starting point for Lamborghinis with their signature scissor doors.

Lamborghini Countach is known for many different versions such as LP500S, Countach LP5000 and Countach 25th Anniversary. However, in the LP400 version there are Countach “suddenly” becoming a rarity with a manufacturing defect – these cars are commonly known as the Countach “Periscopio”.

In fact, the Countach “Periscopio” were the first to go on the market between 1974 and 1976 before being upgraded to the engine and removed from the unique glass to become the LP400 S in 1977. The only difference of these Countach is the circular rearview mirror designed by Bertone mounted on the door. It was one of the most beautiful rearview mirrors ever mounted on a car, but it brought a lot of trouble at that time.

This is one of the Countach Periscopio that has been restored to its original, attractive color. This car carries the number 149 out of 150 ever produced. The exterior of the car is repainted in the original color with Luci del Bosco iridescent brown, the interior is luxurious Champagne leather.

After three years on the market, Lamborghini received a lot of negative feedback on this mirror. Then, the emerging supercar company then redesigned and released an alternative version called LP400 S with a larger and more practical rearview mirror than the LP400. During its three years on the market, Lamborghini has produced a total of 150 LP400 with circular mirrors and eight more with large mirrors.

LP400 Countach with frame number 1120298 was the 149 out of the first 150 Periscopio originals. This vehicle was delivered to Monaco Motors, the official Lamborghini dealership of Monte Carlo on December 19, 1977. The Countach LP400 with chassis number 1120298 was newly sold to Robert Katz in West Orange, New Jersey and then sold to Norman King lives at St. Augustine, Florida.

As of March 2001, the car only rolled a total of 11,888 km. In 2003, the Lamborghini Countach frame number 1120298 was sold to John Kyle in Miami, Florida and in 2005 was sold to Steve Claasen, with the original interior and exterior colors remaining from the factory. .

In 2014, the LP400 1120298 was sold to Mr. Greg Manocherian in Katonah, New York. At this time, he hired Gary Bobileff to repair and complete the car from the smallest details with a total cost of up to $ 226,000. This vehicle is fully equipped with books, tools and four leather luggage sets that match the interior color of the car.

In August 2016 the LP400 equipped was displayed during the Concorso Italiano event in Monterey and was judged by the Lamborghini Club, giving the car the award for the Best of Marque runner-up. In January 2017, the Countach LP400 with frame number 1120298 was sold to current owners by Mike & Colleen’s Ferraris Online LLC and displayed at the 15th annual La Jolla Concours in April 2019, winning first place in the Class and later on display at the San Marino Motor Classic.

This iconic Periscopio Countach has been perfectly finished, beautifully crafted and ready to be displayed or joined in any car collection. Bertone’s stunning color combinations and coaching work are sure to please anyone who loves glamorous design coupled with great performance. LP400 Countach with frame number 1120298 beautifully restored to the highest standards, comes with a complete set of accessories, embossed luggage, a complete display quality factory kit, and a jack inside the box with Appropriate round zipper, complete with fabric gloves, owner’s manual, dealer listings and book bags as well as titles from Concorso Italiano, La Jolla Concours and San Marino Motor Classic, together with all of the rehabilitation documents attached to the vehicle.

In the LP400, Lamborghini for the first time brought in one of its cars the engine placed between and along the vehicle. This V12 engine block has a capacity of 3.9 liters, produces a maximum capacity of 370 horsepower, and comes with a 5-speed manual transmission. In the alternative LP400 S variant, the V12 engine block produces only 350 horsepower, but the appearance has many substitutes is what makes the car more sought after in the ’70s.

Photo: Ferraris Online

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