Porsche 356 is exclusively with the turbocharged engine of the 930 Turbo Review

Porsche 356 is exclusively with the turbocharged engine of the 930 Turbo

Racing legend, Mr. Walter Rohrl has reason to be proud of his latest Porsche 356. It is not a regular Porsche 356, the car that Walter recently bought is the only 356 in the world that has been modified with the turbocharged engine block from the Porsche 930 Turbo.

This convertible Porsche 356 was named “3000 RR” based on the engine block capacity it owns. This special car is built on a Porsche 356 B Roadster and uses a 3.0-liter, turbocharged 6-cylinder boxer engine from the Porsche 930. This is a project created by an aeronautical engineer. Viktor Grahser, he is also the founder of the Australian Porsche 356 Registry in Australia. He then returned to Austria with this unique vehicle, along with two other Porsche 356s.

Grahser, after returning to Austria, kept this particular vehicle next to another 356 degree Porsche inside an inlet container never taking them out of this container. He usually opened the trunk door and sat to the side with the cushioned seat so he could get closer to his two cars. Grahser knew the two 356s needed full restoration, but he never had the time or the opportunity to do so.

Immediately after Grahser’s departure, three Porsche 356s were acquired by Rafael Diez, owner of the Diez Classic, and immediately began to restore and complete the turbocharged Porsche 356. The car has a larger fenders, along with two air cavities on the rear engine cover, along with the front bumper that is renewed with the Porsche 911 S.

Diez finished the Grahser job by converting the car to a forward-steering wheel instead of playing it back in Australia, doing a lot of work in the fields, as well as painting the entire car. It is now finished with gray paint on the stone and red interior inside.

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Diez then invited Walter to come and test the car. “I approached the Porsche 356 with this turbocharged engine very carefully. It seemed to have been pretty much rebuilt, but then I was surprised by its amazing balance, ”said Rohrl. “The front bumper is low, the rear engine weighs in with a capacity of 260 hp, the car operates extremely smoothly, accurately and interestingly”.

The 356 “3000 RR” logo on the rear lid honors the project of Viktor Grahser, who started but couldn’t see his project succeed. Now, the car will be taken care of by Walter Rohrl, the legendary rally racer who used to be twice world champion.


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