Phoenix 175 sports motorcycle Review

Phoenix 175 sports motorcycle with a price of 78.2 million dong

Visitor’s Phoenix 175LE sportbike model is equipped with a 175 cc engine, possessing a sporty design, much upgraded in technology compared to the previous generation.

The completely new Phoenix 175LE car company Visitor has changed a lot in technology, to better meet the requirements of customers in the context of a changing large motorcycle market.

Phoenix 175LE 2014 version possesses a sporty design with strong, angular lines on the body.

The overall size of the car is 2,015 mm long, 970 mm wide and 660 mm high, with no changes compared to the old version.

However, the shell has been color-matched, bringing more sportiness. The front end also has a change in the headlights.

The fog light is replaced with high-end angel type lamps, which can illuminate both day and night in blue, red, white, color options.

Phoenix 175LE 2014 version is equipped with front wheel size 110 / 70-17, rear tire size 140 / 70-17. In addition, customers can optionally upgrade to tires size 160 / 70-17.

The watch cluster displays a sporty design, combining digital and analog forms.

One of the valuable improvements in the Phoenix 175LE version is in the direction of customer driving pleasure. Therefore, the 2014 version is equipped with a new generation DCDI digital IC. This IC unit allows to create a 4-beam beam fire efficiency and displace the spark by rotation to increase the performance of the engine.

Visitor Phoenix 175LE can customize the ride according to customer requirements. If you prefer the accelerator to accelerate, customers can request a modification of the start step to give the car a jump. Conversely, if you are a customer who is constantly on the road, you can customize a smooth and fast start in the back country.

To reduce the weight of the vehicle, the rear handle has been omitted. At the same time, the disc after 520H / 40 made of cast iron is replaced with the KR disc made of aluminum alloy produced by Malaysia. In addition to being extremely light (0.4 kg), with an alloy that is 1.5 times stronger than the old plate, the shock is greatly eliminated.

Phoenix 175LE uses a 4-stroke, wind-cooled engine with a capacity of 174 cc, capacity of 11.5 kW .. The car has a maximum speed of 138 km / h. The 6-spring, 6-leaf clutch cooker helps to reduce the phenomenon of slow clutching before.

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