Peugeot’s new 2020 models at EICMA 2019

Peugeot's new 2020 models at EICMA 2019

Although Americans have always felt most familiar with Peugeot as an automobile and bicycle company, in 1898, Peugeot made its first motorcycles and tricycles. Despite the word “motorcycles” in its name, Peugeot Motocycles is a company that specializes in the manufacture and manufacture of scooters.

Peugeot has a market share for scooters in 60 different countries in the world, not including the United States. At the recent EICMA 2019 event, the launch of the new 2020 version of Peugeot scooters has attracted a lot of customers. Let’s explore more in the following article.

Overview of new models 2020 at the EICMA 2019 exhibition

Peugeot’s new 2020 models make customers excited by having a look that is both modern and classic. Specifically, the details of the reversed forks are combined with double shock absorbers at the rear. The cooling liquid cooled twin-cylinder engine has a European design, accompanied by unique red exhaust valves. LED front lights and a pair of turn indicators at the front provide an interesting contrast to the fabric seats and classic styling. Peugeot’s motorcycle model, without a name, will likely be a show version and not yet entered production.

The Peugeot Metropolis RS Concept 3-wheel scooter model has a very impressive look. This is definitely a maxi scooter with large diameter wheels, Arrow silencer (with a carbon fiber head) and a comfortable and spacious seating area for the driver and passenger. The current Metropolis RS is a 400cc motorcycle, and the current Concept appears to be a significant step up from its predecessor, the Metropolis. The current version of the Metropolis RS is made in France, with 13-inch wheels and a price tag of € 9599.

Next is the Peugeot e-Ludix line of electric scooters. This electric scooter is designed to meet a number of needs, including delivery, passenger transportation and personal use. This e-Ludix model is the equivalent of a 50cc scooter, and is the 4th generation of the Peugeot scooter.

The new Peugeot Django 125 ABS Blue was on display at EICMA 2019. This cool and classic design is sure to be very special and attractive, as it is inspired by the car lineup. The legendary Peugeot S55 scooter debuted in 1953. Peugeot Django 125 ABS was powered by a 125cc air-cooled engine with fuel injection and produced more than 10 hp at 8500 rpm. The top speed of this model is 56 miles / h. Peugeot Django 125 ABS Blue is priced at € 3349.

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