Paint peeling for the McLaren 650S Spider supercar – A new way to bring about a big change Review

Paint peeling for the McLaren 650S Spider supercar - A new way to bring about a big change

In -, especially the car lovers in the country, we are no longer too unfamiliar with the owners of expensive cars are always willing to spend “vigorously” to make a difference to the “baby car”. with the rest. From equipping bodykits to improve performance or simply changing exterior colors to affirm their own mark, they are very popular with car owners.

The British supercar model McLaren 650S Spider appeared in the article is a typical example. If up to now, the car color change has only 2 main methods: new paint or decal stickers, this McLaren 650S Spider is changed color by peeling paint method. Certainly the concept of “peeling paint” is still quite unfamiliar in our country, in fact the paint peeling method has been favored by many car players around the world many years ago and is widely known under the brand DipYourCar.

The partner of DipYourCar brand in – is a garage located in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Most recently, this garage has just completed the project of changing the exterior color from the pearl white paint to a more eye-catching green for the McLaren 650S Spider supercar. The advantage of the peeling paint is that this special paint has the ability to peel off easily, without losing the paint “zin”, similar to the decal.

The McLaren 650S Spider after the “transformation”

Sharing with, Mr. Hieu (garage owner) said that the peeling method brings a lot of options for customers about the paint color when they can be mixed according to their wishes, and at the same time can create “wing” has a very unique dispersion style. In addition, Mr. Hieu also added that the plus point of the paint peeling is that the paint can go into angular details such as inside the door or the air cavity without many decal stickers can work. This special coating has a shelf life of 3-5 years and can be peeled off anytime the owner wants.

The McLaren 650S Spider is the elder of the 720S that is very interested in the present time, the 650S Spider version is also the first supercar of the British brand McLaren to land on an S-shaped strip of land. The 650S brought back to – belongs to the convertible Spider version, two of which are “wearing” the bodykit from Liberty Walk, in addition to the exterior color change, the McLaren 650S Spider in the article is also The owner of the carbon fiber bonnet has the style of the hypercar McLaren P1.

Not stopping there, the original exhaust system has been removed to make room for the high-performance exhaust system from the brand Innotech Performance Exhaust worth more than 300 million -. The sound that this exhaust system gives is somewhat more powerful and sharper than the original details, making us feel like we’re hearing the engine sound of a supercar using a naturally aspirated engine. the sound of turbocharging engines on McLaren’s supercars. In addition, the car is remapped by the Vietnamese American garage so that we can hear the “popcorn” sound emanating from the exhaust throats when the bonnet.

McLaren is always a famous car company pioneering in applying many technologies from F1 racing to its commercial models. The entire cockpit and chassis of the 650S Spider are made of carbon fiber. Some other details on the exterior such as the front bumper, rearview mirror cladding, the air vents on the sides and finally the rear bumper are made of lightweight carbon fiber. The vehicle uses a set of 5-spoke wheels painted in matte black, in contrast to the white exterior of the car, inside is a high-performance carbon ceramic disc brake system with great heat resistance and black painted brake shackles. Compared to the Coupe version, the Spider convertible is 40 kg heavier due to the built-in roof opening system, the total weight of the car falls to about 1,370 kg. The owner of the car can both run and open the hood at speeds below 30 km / h and the whole process takes only 17 seconds. The folding hood and engine compartment area have been repainted with a strong satin black finish.

The minimalistic interior gives the driver maximum focus on power control at 650 hp rear, carbon fiber steering wheel and Alcantara leather, seats, door dashboard, dashboard and ceiling. The car is covered with Alcantara leather and prominent orange stitching. The center console is also covered with carbon with steering and other operating functions, a small entertainment screen, main instrument cluster with analog clock showing rpm and travel speed. switch with two electronic screens on both sides to display operating parameters.

McLaren 650S Spider is equipped with a twin-turbocharged M838T V8 engine, producing a maximum capacity of 650 horsepower and a maximum torque of 678 Nm. Vehicles capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h in 3 seconds, 0-200 km / h in 8.6 seconds and has a top speed of 329 km / h.

Currently in the Vietnamese market, a McLaren 650S Spider has a resale price of over 10 – and still receives a lot of attention from domestic car lovers every time it appears on the street.

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