Pagani announced the limited editions of cars through an online launch event Review

Pagani announced the limited editions of cars through an online launch event

The cancellation of one of the most attractive auto shows on the planet Geneva Motor Show this year has caused many surprises and disappointments for not only the audience but also the car brands. However, manufacturers have found timely solutions to ensure the public launch of their ceremony as scheduled. Instead of a regular launch, companies had to quickly come up with alternatives, including Pagani. And most, manufacturers have chosen to launch online.

Despite being a small company, Pagani is still considered one of the most unique in the world of hypercar manufacturers. Since 1992, the year the Pagani Zonda was launched, Geneva has been a major annual event that enables Pagani to present to the world its latest masterpieces. The absence of the Geneva Motorshow this year could be seen as a major flaw for the Pagani brand as it plans to launch its new limited edition on this occasion including two special editions of the Huyara line. Roadster BC and Huayra Imola.

Instead, recently, the Italian car brand announced a video of the launch of two models with Mr. Horacio Pagani – its CEO directly introducing these two special versions.

Huayra Imola’s name is inspired by the name of a famous racetrack in Italy. It is the place where the Formula 1 racing races have been held at the end of the last century, as well as many other large and small races. This is also the place where car manufacturers regularly test their new products and the Huayra Imola is also a car regularly tested on the Imola racetrack. Through many different tests on Imola roads, the car gradually refines the details both in design as well as to new technologies, in order to increase performance on both the track and the street. this charismatic supercar.

With Huayra Imola, the company had to spend up to 16,000 km testing on the Imola race to be able to complete the car. From there, the car’s appearance gradually took shape, inspired directly by the LeMans racing cars as well as the Zonda R and built on the foundation of Pagani Huayra BC. The car continues to use the aerodynamic system with four active flaps introduced on Huayra 10 years ago, Imola added many other aerodynamic details such as fixed large spoiler, fish fins. , air cavity, front bumper, rear diffuser, … These details along with many of the technologies below help Huayra Imola become the fastest commercial car that Pagani has ever launched.

On the Huayra Roadster BC, the exterior is coordinated with two different blue tones. Blue will be used on the sides of the body while the middle part of the body will be in a darker green. Although they are two different colors, the entire body is still made of carbon fiber and is stained instead of paint. Many other details are still used in the usual black color of this material such as the spoiler, mirrors, A-pillars and some other aerodynamic details.

Pagani still equips the Huayra Roadster BC with a twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 engine made by AMG. The car’s V12 engine block produces a maximum capacity of 802 horsepower and 1,050 Nm of torque, achieved at 2,000 rpm rev / min. This power is transmitted to the rear wheel of the car through a 7-speed sequential transmission, allowing the car to accelerate to 100 km / h in just 2.9 seconds before reaching a top speed of 340 km / h.

According to information from Pagani, each of this debut is limited and accompanied by a price of no less than 3.5 million USD – a number that is not small to own a unique super product from Italian car brand.

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