Own an Aston Martin Vulcan by buying a penthouse in Miami! Review

Own an Aston Martin Vulcan by buying a penthouse in Miami!

The Aston Martin Vulcan is one of the most distinctive Aston Martin cars throughout its history. It is not only a masterpiece crafted for the racetrack, but also one of the rarest models with only 24 produced. Of course, they were all sold out from pre-launch. However, the opportunity to own this super car recently opened up for the giants through a promotion from the real estate department of this car manufacturer.

Through Aston Martin Residences – the company’s real estate division, when you buy a penthouse apartment in the Aston Martin Tower to be built in Miami, customers will receive an Aston Martin Vulcan supercar. price of 2.3 million USD. The apartment for this special offer is a penthouse, located on floors 63 to 63 on the Aston Martin Tower. This apartment has a total area of ​​1,858 square meters, includes 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, gym, spa, private swimming pool, and wall made of glass with package overlooking Miami Bay.

This apartment will be decorated with modern, minimalistic white motifs, similar to the exterior color of the included Vulcan. In addition, customers who buy this apartment can travel in their private marina, participate in the tower’s rooftop facilities such as infinity pool, gym, cinema and art gallery.

As for the bundled product, this Aston Martin Vulcan will be the number 18 out of 24. The car will be painted on the exterior painted milky white, combined with many details such as hood, front bumper, rear spoiler, wheels, … made of glossy black carbon fiber. The interior of the car is designed to be minimalistic to make the driver more focused on the experience of the car. Racing seats, white leather upholstery.

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Under the hood, Aston Martin Vulcan owns a naturally aspirated, 7.0-liter V12 engine. This engine block produces a maximum capacity of 820 hp and maximum torque of 780 Nm. The power is transmitted to the rear wheel via a 6-speed sequential gearbox, so this super product is capable of accelerating to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds. Thanks to the complete use of carbon fiber for the body, chassis and interior, the Vulcan weighs only 1,350 kg.

To own the aforementioned apartment with this car, customers will have to spend up to 50 million USD, and the house will be delivered in 2022.

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