Novitec released the N Largo level for the Mclaren 720S Spider Review

Novitec released the N Largo level for the Mclaren 720S Spider

After a year with different levels of packages for many different models, from SUVs to supercars to even luxury cars, Novitec has chosen to start the new year on a supercar. The first degree package that this tuner launches in 2020 is a wide body package of the N Largo product line, for the Mclaren 720S Spider.

The new version that Novitec for Mclaren 720S Spider is not too different from the N Largo version that the company has launched for the 720S Coupe before. The only thing that sets this build apart is its cast carbon material, which Novitec is still developing when it comes to the hardtop 720S package. However, we can still see a few 720S N Largo still equipped with boky kit with this material. Similar to the previous version, the body kit makes the body 60 mm wider at the front and 130 mm at the rear, combined with the new suspension system that can lower the Mclaren by 35 mm.

In addition, many design changes were also made, typically the front bumper of the car. Now, the light socket is stretched downwards and cut deep into the front of the car, similar to the Mclaren Senna. The capo has two ventilation holes with a center divider, and several additional air vents behind the wheel arches. The sides with the lower door section are wider to match the rear wheel arch widened. Behind, prominent rear with active spoiler divided into two floors made of cast carbon material. This package will also be sold with new Vossen wheels with a size of 20 inches on the front wheel and 21 inches on the rear wheel.

Inside, the cockpit will also be leather back, according to the customer’s request, Novitec can supply any skin type as well as color. Cast carbon material will also be widely used inside the cockpit, in cladding positions such as door sills, chassis, steering wheel, …

In addition to upgrading the exterior and interior, Novitec has not forgotten to upgrade the car’s twin-turbocharged V8 engine block. Now, this 4.0-liter engine block is capable of producing 795 horsepower and 878 Nm of torque. With this power, the convertible Mclaren now only needs 2.7 seconds to reach 100 km / h from a stationary position, 0.2 seconds faster, 0-200 km / h in 7.5 seconds, faster 0.3 seconds compared to the complete car and the maximum speed achieved will be from 341 km / h to 346 km / h. In addition to the leveling package, Novitec will also sell a dedicated exhaust set for the Mclaren 720S with three material options: stainless steel, titanium and Iconel aviation.

Similar to the N Largo version for the Mclaren 720S before, Novitec’s new package for the 720S Spider will also be limited to only 15 sets at an undisclosed price.

According to Novitec

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