Nissan launches the Z Proto – the next-generation Z sports car

Nissan launches the Z Proto - the next-generation Z sports car

Nissan Z Proto – Nissan’s next generation Z sports car prototype. The Z Proto prototype was launched by the Japanese automaker to explore the market and towards the launch of the 6th generation of the famous Z sports car.

“The Z is a pure sports car that always represents the spirit of Nissan,” said Makoto Uchida, CEO of Nissan, about 50 years old car. “It will be the strategic vehicle of Nissan’s NEXT transformation plan and it will demonstrate our capabilities in things other automakers don’t dare to do, from A to Z. As a fan. I am very excited to hear that the next generation Z is coming soon. ”

Design brings Z legacy to the future

Not only possessing a streamlined design suitable for this era, the Z Proto also carries on the legacy lines of previous generations of Z sports cars. The overall design of the car still has lines similar to the previous 370Z with a fairly large size. The hood features a characteristic sloping rear design, present from the very first Z models.

Going into details, the most prominent is probably the lemon yellow paint, finished in the eye-catching pearl style. Speaking of the paint color, Nissan says this is their way of honoring the first Zs (S30) and 300ZX (Z32), cars with this color scheme and a black hood. At the top of the car, the waterdrop-shaped headlight cluster with split LED lights, inspired by the 240ZG – A sports car for the Japanese market, combined with a rectangular grille and a square. Flat-panel, retro look but modern enough.

Rounding out the sides, the first generation Z continues to be reminded when the Z Proto’s curved roof line is combined with a square tail. The hood is painted black down to the rear glass lid. The rear lights have an angular design now replaced by a symmetrical, horizontal dual light cluster. “Fairlady Z” logo is stylized and placed above the trunk cover while the Nissan logo continues to be placed in the middle of the rear end.

On this model, Nissan brings some details made of carbon fiber to help reduce weight such as the rear diffuser, the side bumper and the front bumper. Wheels use aluminum five-spoke, 19-inch size.

Classic cockpit with modern technology

With the look of a modern sports car, the interior design of Z Proto still possesses the distinctive design lines of this 50-year-old sports car.

To create the interior of this car, Nissan had to consult with professional racers. As a result, we have the perfect cockpit for two people to sit, suitable for both daily journeys and racing experiences.

The cockpit of this model has an electronic color instead of the center dashboard, measuring 12.3 inches. The steering wheel has a completely new design with integrated function buttons. An entertainment screen is located in the center of the dashboard of the car. Also here, we can see the appearance of the cluster of three retro clocks prominently placed above.

The interior of this concept car is covered with leather and black suede details. The contrast color used here is yellow, which appears on the seat edges and stitches throughout the inside of the cockpit.

The V6 engine brings new joy

On the Z Proto, Nissan has equipped with a twin-turbocharged V6 but has not released any further details about this engine as well as the capacity it brings to the car. To “please” fans, the company has equipped the car with a 6-speed manual transmission as an affirmation that it will continue to sell this gearbox in parallel with an automatic transmission.

“The Z sports car has always been a dynamic model, making it easy for customers to enjoy the ability and feel the connection between them and the car,” said Hiroshi Tamura, Z Proto’s lead product expert. know. “This has been going on over the generations and it is also what has guided our passion for creativity and defied standards.”

“Z is a balance between agility and power. It is a vehicle that creates a connection with the rider, not only physically, but also emotionally and gives them emotion, ”Tamura continued.

“With the Z sports car, we give drivers the excitement of pure sports cars. For more than 50 years, we have created the legend of the Z series together. I’m glad that everyone has joined us in an exciting new chapter. And the new Z is on its way to you! ” – Mr. Makoto Uchita, CEO of Nissan finished.

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