McLaren Senna Merlin – super car created from the legend of King Arthur’s time Review

McLaren Senna Merlin - super car created from the legend of King Arthur's time

As a top-of-the-line model “storming the world” car market in recent years, McLaren Senna is currently the most anticipated model when preparing to be brought to – in the near future. At the same time, this is also known as a supercar with many special versions, carrying many different color schemes and different styles. One of them is Senna “Merlin” – The car was inspired by the mage Merlin in the legend of King Arthur.

Senna has been and is still becoming a car that has received the majority of love from car enthusiasts. With only 499 units produced, Senna was soon sold out of all orders and is still slowly being delivered to customers. Possessing an aerodynamic design of a racing car, Senna still does not lose the attractive lines of a cult car on the street.

McLaren Senna is the latest model of the Ultimate Series generation built and developed to optimize performance on both the street and the track. The car has an ultra-light construction thanks to the chassis and body panels are made of carbon fiber material. This vehicle is based on the Monocage III chassis similar to the previous 720s model.

This is also the first model that Mclaren uses function-based design style. Simply put, every detail of this super car will serve to optimize the airflow through the car thoroughly, making it possible to operate the fastest on the track. With this design, Senna has received many conflicting opinions because it is too cumbersome, however, the car shows itself better when it is currently one of the fastest commercial vehicles in the world. race track around the world.

If every Senna has a similar engine, performance or exterior design, the only thing that could be that the car becomes special is personalization and, of course, no one else. MSO (McLaren Special Operations) will take over these projects. They can completely “create” the car to the liking of the owner, from simple requirements such as an exclusive color or as complex as inspired by a legend.

At first glance, the Senna Merlin looks “more like” a black Senna with gold trim than a special edition car. However, when viewed closely as well as with ideal light, this paint reflects attractive sparkling particles on a dark, dark background, reminiscent of the “magic” of the magician in the legend of King Arthur’s time. This color is called “Sorcerer Black” by McLaren, 7 colors can be reflected in the light. Combined with that is the gold contours, the gold-colored wind wing with the “Merlin” logo written in McLaren style.

Senna Merlin’s interior compartment is very simple with a combination of carbon details and gold lines. The most special thing in the interior compartment lies in the pedal section with laser-engraved moon and star motifs, merging with the “ghostly” style of the version as well as the legend of the Merlin. On the carbon-clad door steps, a mage-shaped Merlin pattern has been fitted to make the version more unique.

Mclaren Senna uses a V8 petrol engine block, a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter capacity similar to that of the Mclaren 720S. However, Mclaren engineers have tweaked this engine on Senna, helping the car to produce up to 789 hp, maximum torque up to 800 Nm.

Photo: McLaren SF

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