McLaren Senna detail with the Galactic Burst Effect color scheme worth more than 3 – Review

McLaren Senna detail with the Galactic Burst Effect color scheme worth more than 3 billion VND

Super car and luxury car manufacturers often offer customers personalized programs to delight the hobby of creating their own car. With MSO (McLaren Special Operation), they increasingly prove their ability to please their customers through the McLaren with very unique color scheme in recent times.

This McLaren Senna is a prime example of the MSO’s ability to put art on a car. At first glance, many people will think that it will have the same color as the McLaren Senna that is going to be available in – in the near future. It is true that the paint color is similar to the Senna coming to -, but this Senna has a more unique color scheme to make it more special than other Senna with Ceberus Pearl paint.

This special Senna color scheme is called the Galactic Burst Effect, which is a combination of a purple-orange polarized array of colors, also known as Ceberus Pearl, with a black-purple background color called Amethyst Black. . The base color will be used to cover the entire carbon fiber body of the car, then special Ceberus Pearl paint color will be selected selectively over the base paint color. Or paint color is assigned definitively and clearly instead of gradually falling back to the remaining paint color. This color reclining style also makes the car different and more unique than the one that is becoming a trend at the moment. In order for MSO to bring this paint color to their Senna, the owner of the car had to spend up to 150,000 USD, equivalent to about 3.5 -.

In addition to the world’s unique paint color, the exterior of the car is also adorned with unique details such as three laurel wreaths with the Formula 1 race for 1988, 1990 and 1991, painted black – purple. on polarized color background and vice versa. These are the three years that the late Ayrton Senna had won the championship. In the rear spoiler, the car number (360/499) is painted black on the Ceberus Pearl color background. Carbon fiber is an indispensable detail in the exterior, especially when the body of the car is made entirely of this material.

The main highlight of the car’s interior is the seat section is finished in beautiful matte purple carbon fiber. The interior of the car is still covered with black suede, carbon fiber cladding in many details. In the doorway, the McLaren F1 logo and three race tracks Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium), Interlagos (Brazil), Estoril (Portugal), Suzuka (Japan) and Monaco are painted on a carbon base with Ceberus Pearl paint.

McLaren Senna is the second model in the Ultimate lineup of McLaren, after the McLaren P1. On this super car, McLaren has designed the car’s exterior in the style of “design for function”, turning each exterior line to bring benefits in terms of aerodynamics when the car operates on the track. Monocoque III chassis inside, along with many other lightweight materials help Senna’s dry weight at only 1,198 kg. The rear spoiler can be adjusted in many modes via hydraulic system. This wing combined with aerodynamic elements can generate up to 800 kg of pressure at speeds of 255 km / h.

Providing power for Senna is the twin-turbocharged V8 engine block, capacity of 4.0 liters (M840T). On Senna, the power from this engine block is 789 horsepower, along with a maximum torque of 800 Nm. This power is transmitted to the rear wheel axle of the car through a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, so the car can accelerate to 100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds, the car needs 6.8 seconds to reach 200 km / h and the maximum speed of the vehicle is 340 km / h.

In the version for the US market and some other places, McLaren Senna will have a dual exhaust set instead of a three-pipe exhaust. Explaining this difference, McLaren said that because in Europe and some markets, regulations on the sound of the car are stricter, so the tube set of all three outputs, for better sound absorption, will be used. . In the US, these regulations are not difficult, so the dual exhaust will help the car sound more impressive. The McLaren Senna that is about to roll in – will also be equipped with a dual exhaust set.

When it launched in late 2017, Mclaren announced the starting price at $ 837,000. Then, the Senna gradually appeared on the used car market at a much higher price.

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