McLaren Senna Can-Am Edition appeared with only 3 produced Review

McLaren Senna Can-Am Edition appeared with only 3 produced

As a special supercar from the British brand, Senna has been and is still becoming a car that has received the majority of love from car enthusiasts. With only 499 units produced, Senna was soon sold out of all purchases and is still being delivered to customers gradually. That is why this brand has given a new “choice” for customers who have missed the opportunity to own a commercial version of this attractive model.

Some of the upcoming Senna will be launched based on the McLaren Senna GTR chassis. Even though only producing 75 units, up to now, McLaren Senna GTR still has about 20 units “has not found an owner”. Perhaps partly because these cars are not meant to be used on the street, it will be somewhat more difficult to use. McLaren recently released two versions of the McLaren Senna LM and the McLaren Senna Can-Am, known as the “street version” Senna GTR. More specifically, Senna Can-Am is only produced with a limited number of only 3 units.

McLaren Senna Can-Am owns a similar appearance to other commercial Senna versions, accompanied by a number of differences such as the radiator on the front wheel, the door glass is also transformed into an orange panel. . It can be said that this is a suitable choice for those who want to “operate” the Senna GTR legally on the street without the intervention of outside firms like Lanzante.

Senna Can-Am wears the legendary color of the McLaren M8B racing car. The McLaren M8B is based on the predecessor M8A and has some modifications for use in the Can-Am race. McLaren M8B is equipped with an orange coat similar to the Senna Can-Am with a familiar large gray wing. The M8B was also produced with only three units, similar to the later Senna-based commemorative version.

In terms of interior design, Senna Can-Am is no different from commercial Senna. The interior of the car is coordinated mainly in black with subtle orange details such as the lines. The interior of the car is made of carbon and Alcantara leather, providing a sporty feeling combined with the seat belt with the Can-Am logo, as well as the Can-Am logo on the seat backrests or door steps.

This GTR-based commemorative version has an orange exterior similar to the old M8B. The M8B was controlled by Bruce McLaren himself – the founder of the McLaren racing team in 1963, so the name of the racer is also equipped on the body of Senna Can-Am. Comes with that is the number 4 similar to the old M8B.

In essence, the McLaren Senna Can-Am is still a Senna GTR, so the car will still own 814 horsepower, 800 Nm of maximum torque from a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine. on standard Senna. To get 25 more horsepower, the McLaren engineers in Working, UK had to add a catalyst to the engine to reduce the backflow pressure and also recalibrate the engine a bit. If we remove this catalyst from the engine, the car will have a more impressive sound.

Of the three Senna Can-Am, one was delivered to Canada awaiting customer delivery. This is also a coincidence that the Can-Am is a race that was held in two countries, the US and Canada. The car also appeared at McLaren’s booth in the framework of the Montreal Motorshow 2020 exhibition taking place in Canada. This is also one of the few rare opportunities for car enthusiasts to see this extremely limited version.

According to some sources, Senna Can-Am has a starting price of $ 1.5 million and will only have 3 produced. Moreover, these 3 units will have more special and dissimilar equipment when each owner will have their own personal preferences. This version was not only valuable as an expensive limited car, on the other hand, it was a car intended to evoke the golden age of the McLaren racing team at that time.

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