Mclaren 600LT Spider “Segestria Borealis” – model inspired by the spider Review

Mclaren 600LT Spider "Segestria Borealis" - model inspired by the spider

The number of 600LT Spider is gradually sold out when recently, McLaren announced plans for the last 12 cars of the version for the US market. These cars carry a distinctive color scheme produced by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) personalization.

MSO’s McLaren 600LT Spider Segestria Borealis is inspired by the green-tipped, green-fanged Segestria Florentina spider – the same color used as the signature color of this version. Each McLaren 600LT Spider Segestria Borealis developed by MSO personalization will be sold at select retailers in the US with a starting price of about 275,000 USD.

This limited edition 600LT features two Napier Green stripes running along the hood, extending to the rear inspired by the poisonous spider’s green fangs. The most special feature of the car is the paint brought by MSO with black angles with dark blue, purple and reddish brown. According to each angle as well as by light, the color will change to reflect the color of the spider Segestria Borealis.

On the exterior, the 600LTs of this version are equipped with brake shackles in MSO Napier Green paint, 10-spoke glossy black wheels, Napier Green motifs decorated in two mirror cladding and rear spoiler. The sides and front bumper are all contoured with prominent Napier Green lines.

The 600LT version is equipped with the MSO Clubsport Package with lightweight carbon fiber racing seats, interior fitted with some carbon details, lightweight titanium wheel bolts and carbon fiber front wheel air vents. Inside, the car is fitted with black Alcantara leather with only green trim done by MSO personalization. In addition, the version motif is equipped on the racing seat section is covered in Alcantara leather, the headrest embroidery is inspired by the unique spider web.

The car is equipped with Bowers and Wilkins speaker sound system, McLaren Track Telemetry, rear view camera and parking sensor, upgraded anti-theft alarm and front-lift system is also available for free. The McLaren 600LT Spider Segestria Borealis version of the MSO is still equipped with a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine producing 592 hp and 620 Nm of torque, from which the car can accelerate from 0-96 km / h in just 2.8 seconds.

Anthony Joseph, President, McLaren North America said: “The MSO’s McLaren 600LT Spider Segestria Borealis is a concrete example of the creative, visionary approach to the art of the personalization division McLaren Special Operations. “. In addition, he added: “Like any 600LT version, the Segestria Borealis is a creative version for artistic purposes that takes a long time to concept and execute but in this case, all both the power and performance of the 600LT are reflected in the unique design and in line with the wishes of many McLaren owners ”.

According to McLaren

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