Lamborghini London held a “unique” year-end party Review

Lamborghini London held a "unique" year-end party

During the year-end holidays, HR Owen’s flagship Lamborghini dealership in London held a year-end party featuring the brand’s most iconic cars.

This is a joint event organized by Lamborghini London dealership with the Lamborghini Polo Storico antique car restoration and preservation department. It is this department that has brought to 17 Lamborghini logos for each different period. All these cars are decorated in the cozy space of the party for VIPs of Lamborghini London.

The collection has the presence of cars “from ancient times” such as 400GT to famous model Murciélago SV in 2009, Countach, Diablo, SUV LM002, Islero S and Gallardo are also the cars in the event This special night.

The orange Miura featured in the event is a standard restoration by the Lamborghini Polo Storico division, which was recently awarded the Best Car of the 1970s at the Hampton Court Palace Concours of Elegance. The blue Miura has just rolled a mere 2,092 km since it was released and has become the newest Miura on the planet.

Francesco Stevanin, Technical Director of Polo Storico, attended the event to provide additional information on Polo Storico’s activities, including restoring and certifying all Lamborghinis produced before and by year. 2001, as well as original parts maker for classic Lamborghini, with more than 200 new accessory codes introduced just last year.

Stevanin then took to the stage with Lamborghini London’s chief service officer Paul King to discuss the Lamborghini Storico’s four-year direction.

HR Owen operates Lamborghini dealerships in Pangbourne, Manchester and Hatfield and London. Lamborghini London was named the world’s most successful Lamborghini retailer in 2017, demonstrating “a proven excellence that spans the entire HR Owen system”.

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