Lamborghini delivered more than 8,000 cars in 2019 Review

Lamborghini delivered more than 8,000 cars in 2019

Lamborghini’s 2019 ended with a lot of success, one of which is in terms of its sales. In the past year, there were 8,205 “super cows” to customers, an increase of 43% compared to the previous year 2018 (sales of 5,750 units) and is the 9th consecutive year of increase in recent times for this car maker.

Lamborghini sales are divided into three main regions with 165 dealers present in 51 different countries. The US market sold 2,374 Lamborghini while the Middle East, Europe and Africa sold 3,206 units, the automaker also sold 2,162 units in Asia last year. All markets saw a year-on-year increase in sales, making a big contribution to a successful year for the automaker.

Of the 8,205 Lamborghini cars that rolled out of the factory and reached customers in the past year, the Urus SUV was the best-selling model. This super SUV sold a total of 4,962 units in the past year, up 182% from the previous year, and 2019 is also the first year this model is sold for the whole year. Next, baby-Lambo Huracan model with upgraded version Huracan EVO has just launched selling 2,139 units. Lamborghini is currently updating the Huracaan lineup with more tech EVO variants, most recently the Huracan EVO RWD. The most premium car, the Aventador with the V12 engine, sold 1,104 units in the past year, down more than 100 units compared to 2018 earlier.

Chairman and CEO of the company, Mr. Stefano Domenicali told the press in the company’s announcement: “2019 is the most successful year in its history. The company enjoyed a year of explosive sales and brought the company to new heights in history. In just two years, we doubled our sales, which was an incredible success. This clearly demonstrates the strength of our brand, as well as the quality and sustainability of our commercial and product strategies ”.

Lamborghini Urus super SUV has sold nearly 5,000 units, a figure that is close to our total sales in 2018. With many new upgrades and technologies, super sports cars use V10 and V12 engines of We still have success in our segment. At the same time, we have increased brand awareness, especially among younger generations, and that has helped our followers on social media channels to over 40 million. All of this is a real achievement for the company and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members at Lamborghini for their inspiration and dedication to this brand, as well as its shareholders and corporations. I let them continue to support the brand in the future ”.

Over the past year, Lamborghini has introduced new models, upgraded versions as well as high performance variants. The Lamborghini Sián FKP37 is the most technologically advanced supercar currently available, while the Aventador SVJ and the Roadster convertible variant continue to dominate the Nurburgring. More than 50% of the Lamborghini rolling away from the factory received an intervention from the personalization department Ad Personam, showing the success and passion of customers with the brand.

In addition to offering new cars as well as accompanying services, Lamborghini also retains history with its Polo Storico division. This division of Lamborghini specializes in restoring and refurbishing ancient Lamborghini, the first Lamborghini and laying the foundation for the success of the brand at present. The racing department in the past year has also achieved many successes in the past year, especially with wins at Daytona 24 Hours, Sebring 12 Hours, …

In the new year 2020, the company also aims to conquer new challenges in the market, especially with the technologies and foundations it has built. In addition, Lamborghini also actively cooperates with technology institutes around the world to create new research. The Lamborghini Museum, where people learn about the history of the car manufacturer, is also content with the theme of outstanding technologies now and for the future.


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