Lamborghini and Squadra Corse launched a new racing car using a V12 engine Review

Lamborghini and Squadra Corse launched a new racing car using a V12 engine

Nearly two years ago, Lamborghini’s first product in partnership with Squadra Corse racing division was launched as the SC18 Alston. This year, a limited production, race car will be launched by Lamborghini and Squadra Corse. This car will be named SCV12, possessing the most powerful V12 engine block and the most advanced aerodynamic design ever launched by Lamborghini.

With this racing car, Lamborghini has tweaked the V12 engine block being used on the Aventador to achieve better performance. The result of this process is a naturally aspirated V12 engine with a maximum output of 830 hp, 70 hp higher than the Aventador SVJ. More specifically, all of this power will be transmitted to the rear wheel instead of all four wheels like the Lamborghini using the company’s V12 engine. The car will use a 6-speed sequential transmission.

Coming to the exterior, we can easily see the aerodynamic details that Squadra Corse trag was “dense” on this model. The front of the car will have the appearance of two large air holes connected to the air cavity below, combined with the flanks on the sides to give the front of the car a necessary pressure. The side has the appearance of a large air cavity while the rear is equipped with a fixed spoiler and a large diffuser. As announced by Lamborghini, the SCV12’s aerodynamic details can create more pressure down the road than GT3 racing cars.

The SCV12 has a specially developed carbon fiber chassis. This chassis system combined with rear-mounted engine, 6-speed sequential transmission and rear-wheel drive system will provide the vehicle with a more optimal weight distribution and weight ratio. The car is equipped with a set of 19-inch magnesium wheels for the front and 20-inch rear wheels, using a special tread racing tire developed by Pirelli.

Lamborghini and its racing division Squadra Corse will produce a total of 40 SCV12s and the company has also said it will officially launch this car through an online showcase on June 30,

When owning this model, its owners will participate in a special Lamborghini racing program. There, the SCV12 will have the opportunity to experience and compete with its owners at famous races around the world. Customers participating in this program will receive direct support from Emanuele Pirro, Lamborghini Squadra Corse special manufacturing program advisor. He is also a famous racer, who has won the Le Mans 24h championship each year.

According to Lamborghini

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