KTM launches the X-Bow GTX race car with prices starting from 230,000 Euro Review

KTM launches the X-Bow GTX race car with prices starting from 230,000 Euro

Earlier this year, KTM announced its plans to participate in the GT2 racing with a brand new model. More than half a year passed, the measuring vehicle finally revealed and the company called the X-Bow GTX.

The KTM X-Bow GTX is a racetrack vehicle and can legally participate in GT2 racing around the world. This car was developed on the basis of the commercial X-Bow which was first launched in 2008. At that time, the X-Bow had already had outstanding equipment in the open cabin segment, designed towards racetrack but still legal on the street.

Carbon fiber monocoque frame of the X-Bow basically weighs only 80 kg. However, this frame on the X-Bow GTX has been integrated with the roof of the car according to the standard FIA Appendix J .. Instead of using the door opening like the prototype racing cars, KTM equips the X-Bow. The opening-style GTX inspired by extremely impressive fighter jets. This roof set has a carbon fiber frame and glass made of Makrolon.

The X-Bow GTX’s exterior is made entirely of carbon fiber to reduce weight. When the racing teams buy a car, they can choose to paint or paste decal on it. The front of the car has two air cavities and aerodynamic details located below the thin headlight cluster. The rear has the appearance of a fixed and large diffuser, and a single mid-set exhaust. The rearview mirror has been omitted and replaced with a set of two cameras.

For the best driver support, KTM equips the GTX with a race seat made by Recaro, made of carbon fiber – kevlar according to the “Advanced Seat” standard. Comes with this set of seats are Schroth’s six-point seat belts and function button integrated steering wheel, suede-covered display. Due to the fixed design of the seat, the pedal assembly will be the moving part when the driver needs to adjust his sitting position.

KTM equips this car with an Audi-powered 2.5-liter turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine that produces a maximum power of 523 hp and 650 Nm of torque. These numbers are obtained by refining the intake manifold, intake system, exhaust system, exhaust system as well as refining the engine chart. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels of the car via a six-speed Holinger MF sequential transmission with racing clutch and is supported by an anti-slip differential and especially an electronic paddle shifter, available only on the vehicle. race type LMP. Three different engine configurations are provided to provide a better driving experience for the driver.

This model has a weight of only 1,048 kg, thereby achieving a weight / capacity ratio of 1.98 kg / horsepower. Not only did it use carbon fiber to achieve this, but KTM replaced the oil-driven power system with electric power. The fuel tank of the vehicle used is explosion-proof FT3, with a capacity of 120 liters, suitable for long-time use on the track.

As for the suspension, this racing car gets Sachs dampers that can be adjusted for compression, bounce as well as height in both the front and rear axles. At the front axle, suspension suspension is equipped with multi-level stabilizer bar. The rear brake is at 378 mm with six-piston brake shackles while at the rear four-piston brake shackles will be used with 355 mm brake discs.

KTM announced the starting price for the X-Bow GTX at 230,000 Euros (about 7.06 -).

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