Interesting facts about the modern Porsche 935 Review

Interesting facts about the modern Porsche 935

In 2018, Porsche made a shock when bringing the legendary 935 name back to the track. However, in this return, the new Porsche 935 will be sold as a “speed toy” for the rich looking for a racing experience instead of participating in large and small races.

The new generation Porsche 935 is based on the 911 (991.2) GT2 RS, so it is equipped with a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged 6-cylinder boxer engine, producing 690 power. the horsepower is transmitted to the rear wheels of the car via a 7-speed PDK gearbox. The car has a body made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer that reduces the weight of the car to only 1,380 kg. Porsche produced only 77 units of this generation 935 with a price of over 700,000 USD each.

Porsche 935/78

Photo: Porsche AG

The newly introduced Porsche 935 pays tribute to 935/78 cars that took part in races around the world in the 70s and achieved many successes at that time. The 935/78 was powered by a 3.2-liter boxer engine that could produce maximum output from 750 hp to 850 hp. The car reached speeds of up to 367 km / h on the straight line Mulsanne when participating in the Le Mans 24h race in 1978.

In order to make the 911 GT2 RS look like the car it is grateful for, Porsche has replaced the standard body with extended bodywork, long twin head and tail, as well as aerodynamic details. . Along with that, Porsche also stripped away all unnecessary equipment on both inside and outside to make the car as light as possible.

The name Moby Dick

Moby Dick, also known as a giant albino whale, appeared in the American author Herman Melville’s adventure adventure novel of the same name and was first published in 1851. So, the name of What does a novel whale have to do with a racing car?

When launched in the 70s, the Porsche 935/78 and its commercial brother, the 930 Turbo had a large spoiler and raft in the rear that many people think of a whale tail and called that wind wing with such a name. With the 935/78, when wearing a white Martini Racing team shirt with long-lasting aerodynamic details, many people think of the whale in Herman Melville’s novel. This shirt color is still used on the new Porsche 935 and is also known as Moby Dick.

The car is not painted

Yes, Porsche will not color-paint the customer’s 935, instead, it will cover the body made of carbon fiber with decals with the color style that customers want. To be able to make the Porsche 935 have beautiful colors, the owner will have to spend an amount of around $ 30,000 for Porsche to paste the racing color. For example, Martini Racing color “Moby Dick” is priced at 27,500 USD.

The key is useless

Even though it is a race car, Porsche still provides the owner of the new 935 with a set of magnetic keys that are identical to those found in other Porsche cars. More remarkable, the key of the Porsche 935 is somewhat “useless” when there are only three buttons to lock / unlock the car and open the trunk. As you might have guessed, the car has no trunk and no door locks. Although the key of the Porsche 935 is a magnetic key, it is actually only used to activate the car’s start sequence.

One seat

To reduce the weight of the car, Porsche removed all the unnecessary equipment of a race car and even removed the extra seat, leaving only one racing seat for the driver. The seat of the car is provided by Recaro, which is made entirely of carbon fiber with a six-point seat belt. To be able to add a second seat to this car, customers will have to spend about 13,000 USD.

The “toy” of the racing car

To turn customers into true racers, Porsche has brought up 935 new racing equipment, first of which is an integrated anti-roll frame that protects the driver safely. The entire cockpit will be drained directly from the outside and without air conditioning. The screen and steering wheel are taken from the detachable 911 RSR racing car and the same control panel with different switches in place of the center console.

Above the driver’s head, Porsche added an emergency exit to help riders escape in an accident. Monolithic car door, super light with synthetic resin glass, no electric lock. The car has many other racing-inspired details such as the shell made of reinforced carbon fiber (CFRP), the headlights inspired by the Porsche 919 Hybrid, the rearview mirror is similar to the 911 RSR, the position of the tube. The rear exhaust comes from the 908 racing car and is made of titanium, pneumatic jacks, …

Sold with two sets of tires

When buying a car, the owner of the new Porsche 935 will have two different sets of tires. The main tires used for racing will be delivered to the tank instead of being mounted on the vehicle. At that time, the car will be accompanied by a set of wheels that are different from the standard tires and have a “transport tire” mark. Even the wheels used in the transporting process also have a hook to help thread the race car’s belt into the truck.

Spare parts included

As a race car, Porsche anticipated that this car would be damaged when its owner was racing. Therefore, they have sold a vehicle with a package of spare parts. These details will include the body, spoiler, some basic mechanical details, … This spare package is sold as an option, priced at more than 43,000 USD.

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