How much does maintenance for the McLaren supercar cost? Review

How much does maintenance for the McLaren supercar cost?

McLaren is one of the sports car brands with the most impressive development at the moment. The company based in Working, UK has been and has had impressive models such as the McLaren Senna, McLaren 720S or the more practical sports cars such as the 570 GT and the new McLaren GT, launched not long ago. With a new car company on the market for more than ten years, durability and maintenance are one of the most concerned issues for customers when the dealer network is not as widely distributed as Ferrari or Lamborghini.

On the current market, the popular McLaren will have a starting price from around $ 200,000 to more than $ 400,000, while special edition cars usually cost over $ 1 million. You can still buy used McLaren like MP4-12C for around 100,000 USD or 650S for a few tens of thousands USD higher price. However, no matter how old it is, the part price and the maintenance amount of the car will still be counted as a new car. More specifically, McLaren dealers are a bit strict in maintenance, some even refuse to maintain the cars that are not sold by them.

To periodically maintain his McLaren, the owner has to spend money from 1,600 USD to more than 2,000 USD per year. With older models like the 12C or the 650S, the amount will stay close to $ 2,000 per service. In the 675LT range, the amount of money that car owners have to spend for periodic maintenance is also not much more expensive, at 1,700 to 2,500 USD depending on the maintenance while newer models like the 720S and 720S Spider will cost from 1,700 to nearly 3,000 USD. At this price, McLaren’s maintenance service is on par with rival super car brands like Ferrari or Lamborghini.

The above is the amount of money that the owner has to spend to periodically maintain his McLaren in basic items such as error checking, oil change, oil, … In some other items, the money must be spent. much bigger. For example, replacing the front windshield of the 650S / 675LT model costs $ 5,610. The IRIS V1.0 smart connection system is an option priced at $ 6,483 and McLaren will upgrade to version 2.0 for $ 1,864, but some models will be upgraded for free, like the McLaren MP4. -12C. A new set of tires for the McLaren supercar costs $ 2,100 plus $ 880 for installation and calibration services.

With higher-end models, for example the McLaren P1, the price for each maintenance will be about 2,880 USD. However, every time a hybrid system battery in a car crashes or breaks down, the owner will have to spend up to six digits, instead of accessing the battery requires removing the entire body of the car. back out.

Or on the McLaren F1, the first McLaren Automotive model, the customer will have to maintain the car once a year even without using it. Each service will include changing oil, changing tires and checking for defects with an HP laptop that is more than 20 years old. In the event of an accident, this is also one of the most expensive cars to fix, as the Rowan Atkinson F1 # 061 frame cost nearly $ 1 million to repair the body doors, suspension and engine compartment. After that costly repair, McLaren has tested the entire performance of the car to ensure it can still achieve the speed and stability it was originally.


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