Honda CBR1000RR-R Review: “dissected” the whole body

CBR1000RR-R has not issued the number plate has been "dissected" the whole body

Honda CBR1000RR-R the standard black version, has been “dissected” by the whole body.

According to the Mr. Long (The owner of the garage) shared that the Honda CBR1000RR-R is a completely new model that he owns and has not yet had the license plate. The explanation for this “madness” is for the purpose of discovering details and touching firsthand the interior structure of the car is said to be “Super Product” of Honda.

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CBR1000RR-R Review: “dissected” the whole body

Mr. Long on the “Super Product” Honda CBR1000RR-R standard version has not yet issued the number plate.

Immediately after the practical experience, Mr Long and the technical team of LT9 Performance gave “Super Bo 3 Ro” right to the “operating table”.

Honda CBR1000RR-R has been completely disassembled, etc. …

Honda CBR1000RR-R owns the design, chassis and engine technology platform inherited from the RC213V-S street racing model.

The vehicle produces a maximum power of 160kW at 14,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 113Nm at 12,500 rpm. The core factor that plays a role in helping the engine to achieve high power output and high rpm is due to the DLC coating on the camshaw surface – similar to that on the super product RC213V-S.

This is the first time a commercial vehicle has applied this advanced technology, which reduces power loss due to friction by up to 35% compared to the conventional cam lugs.

Compared with its predecessors, the new Fireblade possesses the compactness in engine details, helping to reduce the inertial weight when operating at high rpm. The pimp squad has a new finger-follower stork design, replacing the traditional bucket form providing a significant reduction in inertia weight, up to 75%.

Combined with that is the application of specialized materials including: TI-64A Titanium – a material developed by Honda and A2618 aluminum piston is similar to that on the RC213V-S, all helping to bring weight. Light yet retains the rigidity and durability needed by the engine.

The detailed pictures and clip of the “dissection” process will be continuously updated by Motosaigon. Please watch it together.

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