Gumpert Nathelie debuted with engines using methanol fuel Review

Gumpert Nathelie debuted with engines using methanol fuel

Exactly a year after the Nathalie concept was launched by Gumpert Aiways at Geneva Motorshow 2019, this methanol-powered supercar was finally introduced as a commercial vehicle.

Gumpert Aiways is a sports car company from Germany but is owned by Aiways corporation, China. Founded by Roland Gumpert – who founded Apollo Automotive and Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur before, in 2017 and the Nathalie First Edition was the automaker’s first commercial vehicle.

“It was my vision of an electric car that won’t stop when the battery runs out, paving the way for this innovation. Today, a year later, we can present to you the world’s first commercial vehicle using Methanol-Fuel-Cell, regardless of charging station or stationary hydrogen station, ”said Roland Gumpert, CEO Gumpert Aiways shared.

Gumpert Aiways’ Nathelie is the first commercial vehicle in the world to use methanol fuel and convert it to hydrogen and generate electricity to power the vehicle. The drive system of this model consists of 15kW methanol fuel cell and battery support system. This system of Nathalie can produce a maximum capacity of 536 horsepower and the capacity of these two fuel pellets at 178 kWh. With the use of the above system, Nathalie First Edition can operate in urban as well as high speed conditions without using the energy of the battery.

In terms of performance, the car can accelerate to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds and a maximum speed of 300 km / h. Vehicles using a two-speed transmission and a full-time four-wheel drive system. The methanol fuel tank on the car has a capacity of 65 liters and only takes 3 minutes to refill. Gumpert also added that this fuel does not need to add additives to operate. With a fully loaded fuel tank, the car can go up to 820 km.

Outside, the car’s exterior is redesigned with groundbreaking lines compared to the concept launched last year. The door has been used with a scissor opening, the details on the car are distributed more appropriately. The First Edition has a front bumper, a more angular side spoiler. Although last year’s concept was launched with a body made entirely of carbon fiber, this year’s commercial version is made of lightweight materials, accounting for 50% of the body configuration.

Gumpert will produce Nathalie in limited quantities of just 500 units, including the First Edition. Each car will cost from $ 455,000 and start to be delivered to customers early next year.

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