Find out the “extreme” details from the US – Corvette C7 Z06

Find out the "extreme" details from the US - Corvette C7 Z06

Corvette C7 is the 7th generation model of the Corvette line. At the same time, this is also the last generation of vehicles equipped with pre-set engines. If comparing the C7 with some of the neighboring generations such as C5 or C6, the car still retains its characteristic shape, but the design lines have been refreshed with angular lines, giving a modern appearance. Great, aggressive as well as full of sports for the C7.

Compared with the original Stingray version, the Z06 version owns many equipment to give the car better performance and stability. The front bumper of the car has been redesigned with sharp lines, combined with a large air cavity to help bring cooling efficiency to the engine in front. On the Z06, the car is equipped with a front riser, moreover this car is equipped with an upgrade package called Z07 Package, so that is why the car will be equipped with two wings that stand on the edge wheel. Compared to its predecessor, the C7 has been equipped with modern LED lighting, suitable for modern cars at the time of the C7’s launch.

On the C7, the Corvette signature Crossflag logo has been refreshed as usual. This is the logo that debuted with the C7. This new design is really much more impressive than the old logo on the C6 with the arrow design, matching the design style on the C7.

On the Z06 version, some of the car’s air vents are expanded to increase aerodynamic efficiency, accompanied by some parts equipped with carbon fiber material such as the roof, the slots. Air cavity, front fender or fixed rear spoiler. At the same time, the wheel flaps are also expanded compared to the regular Stingray version.

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