Ferrari F355 F1 Spider – Detail “super horse” over 20 years old unique in – Review

Ferrari F355 F1 Spider - Detail "super horse" over 20 years old unique in Vietnam

Ferrari F355 F1 Spider is a rare convertible in – when only one is brought home. Vehicles used to have a short “settling” time in Hai Phong city before being transported to Saigon and handed over to a secret car player. Since then, the “super horse” has rarely had the opportunity to be allowed to walk the streets.

Launched in 1995, the Ferrari F355 Spider is a convertible variant of the F355 Berlinetta, the elder of the supercar models such as Ferrari F360 Modena, F430, 458 Italia, 488 GTB or the latest F8 Tributo. The F355 Spider is the result of the hard work of Pininfarina’s design engineers, which owns the classic square design lines on Ferrari models before the 2000s. The performance of the car was also carefully calculated after the opening / closing mechanism was added, while maintaining the elegance of the F355 Berlinetta previously released.

After two years of launch, Ferrari offers customers an option when ordering the F355 Spider, which is a 6-speed F1 gearbox developed on the sequential gearbox of Formula 1 racing cars operating on two gearshifts. Hydraulic is located behind the steering wheel, replacing the previous 6-speed manual transmission. Only a total of 3,717 Ferrari F355 Spider cars were produced, of which 2,664 were equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, the remaining 1,053 units were equipped with a 6-speed F1 gearbox and the F355 F1 Spider in – was one of them. there. At the time of its release in 1997, this F1 gearbox option cost up to $ 6,000.

The F355 Spider has “consumed” a total of 1,800 hours working in the wind tunnel of Pinifarina design engineers to achieve the same aerodynamics as the Coupe F355 Berlinetta version. Ferrari has equipped the F355 Spider with an electric convertible instead of a manual collapsible hood like its predecessors. The design on the F355 Spider is not too different from the F355 Berlinetta, the front bumper is equipped with a black painted steering wheel, in the center position is the silver “jockey” logo of the Italian supercar brand. The car is painted in Ferrari’s signature Rosso Corsa red, accompanied by a black contrast hood.

Most prominent at the front of the car must be mentioned the appearance of the pop-up lighting cluster, also known as “eyes closed eyes open”. This detail is used by the majority of car manufacturers on commercial vehicles produced before and in the early 2000s, partly giving Ferrari F355 Spider a nostalgic beauty as well as affirming the value of one. The unique Ferrari cars on the S-shaped strip of land. Below are the square turn signal lights and circular fog lights.

The body remains the same design with large dual wind cavities, the F355 Spider possesses more rigid design features than current Ferrari models. The highlight on the body is the fabric electric folding hood, similar to the F355 Spider, the 360 ​​Spider or the F430 Spider are equipped with a fabric electric folding roof. Starting from the Ferrari 458 Spider, the Italian automaker switched to using a hard top, creating a more seamless body. However, the hood is still highly appreciated by users by giving Ferrari models a more artistic beauty.

The car uses standard 5-spoke silver-painted wheels, inside the brake shackles painted black. Scuderia shields are placed at the end of column A and a small metal plate engraved with the words “Disegno Di Pininfarina” placed in the rear wheel recess.

The rear bumper does not have too many special features, the dual exhaust system is symmetrical on both sides, similar to the double round rear light cluster. The car name is placed on the right side of the rear end.

The minimalist interior compartment is mixed with two tones, most of the interior is upholstered in high-quality beige leather. The steering wheel also has a simple design with the Ferrari logo in the center, because it is equipped with an F1 6-speed gearbox, the car has two gear shift paddles located behind the steering wheel. The owner of the car has changed the gearshift to a part made of carbon fiber. Behind is the central dashboard displaying the speed and rpm. F355 F1 logo located on the dashboard of the seats.

Ferrari F355 F1 Spider is equipped with a 3.5-liter V8 engine block, producing a maximum capacity of 381 horsepower at 8,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 363 Nm at 6,000 rpm. /minute. The car is capable of accelerating in about 4.7 seconds with a top speed of 295 km / h, and can complete a distance of 1/4 mile (402 m) in 13 seconds with a speed of 177 km / h. .

Currently, the selling price of this unique convertible in – is still a mystery, the car is sharing a garage with a series of other cult names such as Ferrari 360 Spider, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Aston Martin Vanquish , … In -, Ferrari F355 F1 Spider is the elder model of other famous models such as 360 Spider, F430 Spider, 458 Spider or Ferrari 488 Spider.

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