Ferrari 458 Spider second to – re-exports the street with an impressive look Review

Ferrari 458 Spider second to Vietnam re-exports the street with an impressive look

Returning to the country from July 2019, the Bianco Avus white Ferrari 458 Spider broke the monopoly of the Rosso Corsa red 458 Spider owned by businessman Dang Le Nguyen Vu, which means the number of Ferrari 458 Spider in – it was raised to number 2. However, since being brought back to – until now, the second 458 Spider is rarely let down by the owner.

Most recently, this model was caught while parked in the place known as the “holy car of the supercar” of Saigon – Continental hotel. At this street re-export, “super horse” made a strong impression with its distinctive look thanks to the matte black decal layer coordinated with some prominent gold stickers. Compared with the original Bianco Avus white paint, the new “coat” offers a stronger and more personality look.

Ferrari 458 Spider is a convertible variant of the 458 Italia launched in 2009, the successor of the Ferrari F430. Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the pioneering products in the innovation in the design stage of the Italian carmaker, perhaps so that the 458 Italia has acquired many awards such as “Car of the Year 2010” or “Supercar of the Year 2010”, … However, the 458 Spider version is not appreciated in appearance when the rear glass engine cover has to make way for the opening / closing mechanism with the hard top, different from the F430 Spider or F360 Spider with the hood.

Returning to the new look of the second Ferrai 458 Spider in -, in order not to make the exterior of the car too monotonous, the owner has added yellow lines running around the body. The front of the car is decorated with two gold lines on the ribbed embossed in the front bumper, the bonnet appears with two double gold lines extending from the front end to the rear cover.

The Scuderia shield is placed on the front wheel side, the side panel is glued to gold prominently and the metal “Pininfaria” logo is placed on the rear of the vehicle, below is the name of the unit that constructs the decal. Vehicles equipped with 5-spoke star-shaped wheels typical of the 458 series, carbon ceramic disc brakes with great heat resistance combined with Brembo brake shackles painted gold.

The top of the engine compartment is decorated with two beautifully designed yellow decal arrays, creating a highlight for the rear compartment of the car.

The roof top takes 14 seconds to open / close, this can happen while the car is moving on the street. The hood of the car is made of aluminum alloy, so the total weight is only 25 kg. The rear of the car has a simple but equally sophisticated design with round taillights, 3 exhaust pipes placed side by side in the center position. In addition, the diffuser under the car is also decorated with yellow strips to create accents.

Ferrari 458 Spider uses a naturally aspirated V8 engine block with a capacity of 4.5 liters, producing a maximum capacity of 562 horsepower at 9,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 540 Nm. Combined with 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, “super horse” takes only 3.4 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km / h before reaching a maximum speed of 320 km / h.

Appearing next to the Ferrari 458 Spider is the Mercedes-Benz E300 AMG bodykit sedan of the powerful E63 AMG version. The car also wears a matte black suit that is similar to the 458 Spider and the owner also chooses to use gold lines to create accents for the body. Besides, the bodykit made from carbon fiber is retrofitted to give the car a sportier appearance.

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