Face the duo super car and sports car “crisis” on the streets of Da Lat Review

Face the duo super car and sports car "crisis" on the streets of Da Lat

In recent years, the movement to play super cars, super luxury cars or rare sports cars in – tends to develop strongly. Besides big cities like Saigon or Hanoi, Da Lat has emerged as a place that attracts the appearance of many unique models such as the new generation Mercedes-AMG G63, Lamborghini Aventador degree Liberty Walk. , … Most recently, the custom car duo of a car player – suddenly appeared on a small street in the city of flowers.

First of all, the first generation Audi R8 (Type 42) has been modified by Prior Design brand’s bodykit, this is also the only R8 equipped with this bodykit in our country. After more than 10 years of operation in one of the countries with the most extreme weather conditions and inadequate maintenance, many R8s in – were badly damaged and unable to roll.

This Audi R8 is an example, the car has undergone a “restoration” process that took more than 3 months of hard work at a cost of more than 2 – of the owner. The most prominent feature is the impressive yellow paint on the body instead of the original pure white paint. In addition, the engine block on the car was also restored and replaced with damaged parts, and the owner also upgraded the car’s power to 610 horsepower.

In addition to Prior Design’s aggressive bodykit design, the car was upgraded with ADV.1 multi-spoke wheels painted black. Inside, the original disc brake system is replaced by the owner with a new detail with carbon ceramic brake discs and bronze brake shackles.

Not only that, the carbon fiber details on Prior Design’s package such as the rearview mirror, door handles, rear spoiler and large spoiler have all been restored, giving a new look. for super car more than 10 years old Finally, the exhaust system on the car is renewed with titanium exhaust from Armytrix brand, with the exhaust system from Armytrix, the sound coming from the four exhaust throats becomes more powerful and intense, especially when The V8 engine block on the car has been modified by the owner with a capacity of 610 horsepower.

Appearing next to the Audi R8 Prior Design in Da Lat was a rare muscle car in – – Ford Mustang GT 5.0 of 2019. It is known that this is the Ford Mustang GT of the latest generation brought to -. First male through a private enterprise in Hanoi. The car has a selling price of more than 4 – and is currently wearing the control plate of the capital. At the CarPassion 2019 journey, the aforementioned muscle car attended and left many impressions with the screaming sound of the exhaust from the powerful V8 engine block.

Compared to the new time of returning home, the car has been upgraded by the owner with a series of expensive toys and the original engine block has been intervened, increasing the capacity of the car. The exterior of the car makes a strong impression with a strong glossy black paint, revealing the muscular design lines on the Ford Mustang GT 2019.

The car is equipped with Roush’s bodykit with a stretched front section, two air holes, adding new details with a pit design. The car’s bonnet is equipped with two additional Roush exhaust slots. And yet, the front bumper of the car is equipped with an additional LED cluster around the beautiful wind slot.

The original car was equipped with the GT Performance Package with details such as fixed rear spoiler, glossy black 19-inch multi-spoke wheels, Brembo brake shackles and a series of upgrades to the suspension and chassis. . Logo “5.0” placed near the front wheel cavity, the body of the car is added by the owner with two side wings. From a horizontal perspective, we can see significantly lower ground clearance compared to the standard version, which is due to the owner upgraded to the Mustang GT 2019 air suspension suspension from Air Lift – a very famous brand in America.

At the rear of the car, the taillights are glued in dark color, the “GT” logo is placed in the center position and the original spoiler on the car has been removed. The rear of the car impresses with the hardcore diffuser from the brand of Hardcore Design, the original exhaust system on the car is upgraded with a Corsa Performance Exhaust, combined with the engine block has been refined to over 600 horsepower, the sound emanating from the four exhaust throats becomes more powerful and intense than ever. According to the owner, in the near future, he plans to upgrade the Ford Mustang GT with a different bodykit and the engine block will be tweaked to achieve more than 700 horsepower.

To bring the most driving pleasure to customers, Ford Mustang GT 5.0 has 6 different driving modes including Normal, MyMode, Sport Plus, Track, Drag Strip and Wet.

To create accents for the bodywork, this glossy black Mustang GT is glued by the owner with a number of logos of famous fashion brands in the world such as Supreme, Of-White or Fendi. The rear glass cover of the car is stuck with the logos of some tuners such as: Akrapovic, Air Lift, Roush, Vossen, Corsa Performance Exhaust and Brembo.

Prior Design Audi R8 appeared in Da Lat city under the V8 engine version, with a capacity of 4.2 liters, producing a maximum capacity of 420 hp and torque of 430 Nm. Audi R8 takes only 4.6 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km / h before reaching a top speed of 301 km / h. Meanwhile, the V8 engine block with a capacity of 5.0 liters naturally aspirated on the Ford Mustang GT muscle car is capable of producing a maximum capacity of 460 hp and a maximum torque of 569 Nm, accompanied by 10-speed automatic transmission. In addition to being upgraded with the exterior package, the aforementioned supercar and sports car duo possesses outstanding strength thanks to the modified details inside the engine compartment, the Audi R8 Prior Design is more powerful 190. The horsepower for the “zin” and the Mustang GT is 150 hp compared to the original power.

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