F1 driver Charles Leclerc drives Ferrari SF90 around “super car paradise” Monaco Review

F1 driver Charles Leclerc drives Ferrari SF90 around "super car paradise" Monaco

Recently, world car enthusiasts had the opportunity to see the driver Charles Leclerc driving one of Ferrari’s latest supercars – SF90. More specifically, he himself drove this car along the deserted streets of Monaco’s “supercar paradise” to record the upcoming short film Le Grande Rendez-vous.

Ferrari is currently planning to shoot a sequel to one of the greatest car movies of all time – Cétit Un Rendez-Vous and they have decided to choose Monaco as one of the first. Leclerc drove the car on the very F1 tracks that were supposed to be held in Monaco.

For the hit movie Cétit Un Rendez-Vous, filmmaker Claude Lelouch wanted to film a movie about a high-speed ride through the streets of Paris with many of the city’s famous landmarks in the process. . Claude asked the French government to close down the roads so that he could film his movie, but his request was denied. This did not stop Claude’s wishes when he decided to make his film by doing the street filming early on the morning of August 8 when many Parisians were on vacation.

For shooting, Ferrari used an additional SF90 similar to the one that Leclerc drove. Ferrari SF90 Stradale is considered the successor of LaFerrari supercar, a car using a twin-turbocharged V8 engine with 3 electric motors, producing up to 986 horsepower. More specifically, this is also the first Ferrari sports car to use 4-wheel drive with plug-in charging technology.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale is capable of accelerating to 100 km / h in just 2.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 340 km / h. Not only fast on the straight line, the car is also fast even on the racetrack, typically toppling its predecessor LaFerrari at the Fiorano racecourse with a 1:19 second record (LaFerrari 1: 19.70). In full electric mode, the car battery can help the car go a distance of 25 km with a maximum speed of 186 km / h.

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