Explore Bentley’s process of making the world’s fastest SUV Review

Explore Bentley's process of making the world's fastest SUV

Bentley Bentayga Speed, the fastest SUV in the world right now just 3.8 seconds to reach speed 100 km / h from standing position before reaching a top speed of 306 km / h. So fast, but this fast and luxurious SUV takes up to 127 working hours from the auto artists in Crewe, UK, or 16 working days to complete this car.

Through the video above, we only need 2 minutes to be able to spend 127 hours of work by the workers at the Bentley factory that makes Bentayga Speed. In the above 127 working hours, the Bentayga Speed ​​will take 10 hours to complete the wood interior details, 8 hours to finish the leather upholstery, the paint coating will take 24 hours, the W12 engine block will be assembled in 13.4 hours and the car will be assembled on-line with a time of 19 hours before spending another 52.5 hours to complete the vehicle’s benchmark and performance tests.

It starts with the “Wood Workshop”, where the firm spends 10 hours turning sustainably sourced leaves into the environment to be machined, cut and finished. All the wood panels used in a vehicle come from a tree, which will provide the interior of the car as uniform and the wood of the same age. Next, the interior leather workshop and where the company spent 8 hours selecting the pieces of cowhide, cut with laser cutting machines before processing in a very sophisticated manner. Then, these leather pieces are wrapped up the interior details, along with embroidery of the lines on the details.

Inside the engine assembly workshop, 30 workers spent 13.4 hours to complete the most powerful W12 engine block at present. This W12 engine block is made up of 294 different parts, with a capacity of 6.0 liters, dual turbocharging, producing a maximum capacity of 635 hp and maximum torque of 900 Nm. Power from the engine is transmitted to all four wheels of the Bentayga Speed ​​via an 8-speed ZF gearbox, making this SUV the fastest SUV in the world at the moment, slightly better than the Lamborghini Urus.

The body of the car takes 24 hours in the paint shop for machines and people to perfect the car’s paint. One of the 87 paint colors offered by Bentley will be finished here, along with any of these paint colors requested by the customer. Each layer of paint will be precisely painted with specialized paint robots before hand-polished by skilled craftsmen.

After all the details are completed, the Bentayga Speed ​​is put on the assembly line at the main factory. Here, 230 assembly workers will bring everything together and create the complete Bentayga Speed. After that, the car is evaluated and tested through more than 50 items and a total of 650 items to be able to officially roll out of the factory and into the hands of customers.

With a total of 16 man-hours, a new Bentley Bentayga Speed ​​can roll its way to the customer. With the skilled craftsmen as well as the most advanced materials and technologies and that is also the answer to the price of 235,700 USD that Bentley has for its fastest SUV in the world.


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