Discover upgrades that make the Bugatti Pur Sport faster on the track Review

Discover upgrades that make the Bugatti Pur Sport faster on the track

The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport is the first car that Bugatti develops for racing experiences. That also makes the French supercar company have many difficulties developing this car in all factors. So, what has Bugatti changed to make Chiron Pur Sport amazingly faster than other Bugatti when it comes to racing?

First, the car’s chassis is improved and firmer, along with the upgrade of the suspension. The camber angle of the front wheel is adjusted 2.5 degrees for optimum performance. Along with the new camber angle, Bugatti has also developed new suspension joints, helping them to harmonize with the car’s upgraded details. The suspension also features a new, stiffer springs, with a stiffness of 166 N / mm on the front and 200 N / mm on the rear, providing the necessary rigidity but without sacrificing comfort. Bugatti. Tuning of the suspension can be completed automatically by the car computer in less than 6 milliseconds.

“Significantly stiffer springs provide the best harmony between sporty handling, traction and driving comfort for the Chiron Pur Sport,” said Jachin Schwalbe, Bugatti’s Head of chassis development. . “We spent a lot of time experimenting to come to this conclusion.”

In the gearbox and engine, Bugatti has reduced the gearbox of the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox by 15% to provide better acceleration. The Chiron Pur Sport now only needs 2.3 seconds to reach 100 km / h and 5.9 seconds to reach 200 km / h. The gearshift limit has also been increased, to an engine speed of 6,900 rpm. Regarding the engine, although still maintaining the capacity of 1,500 horsepower and 1,600 Nm of torque, some tweaks have been applied, most notably the limited speed of the machine increased by 200 rpm, reaching 7,000 rpm. minute.

In order to be able to control the new power and increase the ability of the car to grip the road, Bugatti teamed up with Michelin to create a new set of tires, exclusively for this model. The new Michelin tires will be part of the Pilot Sport Cup R lineup with the dimensions 285/30 R20 for the front and 355/25 R21 for the rear. In addition, the Chiron Pur Sport is further improved in appearance to get more pressure, typically a large rear spoiler with a width of up to 1.9 meters. Despite its bulkier body than the standard Chiron, it’s actually up to 50 kg lighter.

In addition to the three basic driving modes, Chiron Pur Sport also owns a new driving mode called Sport +. In this mode, the ESC system will work later in order to bring the feeling of tailing when cornering and will make the driver more focused when using the car. “The driver can control the Chiron Pur Sport spectacularly using the accelerator pedal. That will create fun, ”said Christian Willmann, engineer responsible for the dynamic slip control system and Bugatti’s drivetrain. “It is a challenging task to drive a powerful engine with 1,600 Nm of torque in such a way that it provides sufficient traction in all weather conditions. With the Chiron Pur Sport, thanks to reduced traction control, we can now give riders more freedom on dry tracks.

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport will be limited by the manufacturer to only 16 units worldwide with prices starting from $ 3.6 million.

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