Discover the package of Liberty Walk over 3 – on Ferrari 488 GTB

Discover the package of Liberty Walk over 3 billion VND on Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 488 GTB was launched at the Geneva Motor Show 2015, the success of the 458 Italia. In the Vietnamese market, the Ferrari 488 GTB is certainly a name that is not too strange to those who are passionate about domestic supercars, in fact the 488 series currently holds the throne for the title of the most successful supercar model. – with a number of not less than 20 units returned home. Perhaps for this reason, many Ferrari 488 GTB versions have appeared in -, including the Japanese widebody package – Liberty Walk Performance.

The Italian supercar brand is always famous for the most glamorous designs in the world, but with the package of Liberty Walk, the car’s appearance is strongly “transformed” in the direction of personality. and more aggressive. Not only that, this is also the Ferrari 488 GTB with the only black Nero Daytona exterior paint in -.

With the upgrade package from Liberty Walk Performance, the width of the “super horse” will be wider thanks to the addition of flanges that are fastened to the body by screws. In addition, to avoid the possibility that the newly added fender will scratch the body of the car when moving, Japanese engineers have added a rubber rim in the middle, limiting damage to the body. especially when operating at high speeds.

Some of the other noteworthy changes to this version also include two small split wings made from carbon fiber mounted at the top of the car, making us think of the Ferrari 488 GTE race car. In addition, the “super horse” also added two hips and diffuser with more wind dividers made from carbon fiber, perhaps Japanese engineers have had careful calculations related to aerodynamics. learning of the new details to ensure that this Ferrari 488 GTB will not encounter operational difficulties after the build is complete. One thing that is quite interesting is that the owner of this model chose to use the spoiler of the Novitec Torado upgrade package instead of using the ducktail spoiler on the Liberty Walk version.

And yet, the car is also selected by the owner of the Forgiato brand with a design inspired by the wind turbine. Hidden behind is a high performance disc brake system including carbon ceramic brake discs with good heat resistance and Brembo Ferrari brake shackles painted in copper orange. A characteristic detail that the “labeled” Liberty Walk versions are equipped is the AirRex’s pneumatic suspension system, which can easily adjust the ground clearance through a remote located inside. The cockpit, this helps the Liberty Walk car models can be lowered to the ground, attracting a lot of curious eyes every time they appear.

Going inside, the car’s interior compartment is coordinated in dark tones, details such as the door dashboard, dashboard or seats are covered with high-grade leather in black, similar to the exterior paint. This Ferrari 488 GTB, leather details stitched in gold thread. The highlight in the interior compartment is the race seat called the Daytona Racing Seat, this sporty design with a frame made entirely from ultra-light and mechanical carbon fiber. The headrests are embroidered with the logo of a horse, and the seat is fitted with a prominent yellow seat belt.

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