Discover details Ferrari 458 Italia has an Italian flag stripe on the body of the only car in –

Discover details Ferrari 458 Italia has an Italian flag stripe on the body of the only car in Vietnam

Perhaps imprints of the 2011 CarPassion supercar journey are still imprinted on the minds of many car enthusiasts in -. With the number of dozens of super cars and super cars, the car staging attracts a lot of attention in the cities that the delegation goes through, the most prominent is definitely the appearance of 5 Ferrari 458 Italia. Not only was the car that occupied the most number of cars at the first CarPassion journey, the Ferrari 458 Italia was also a hot car model at that time when it had just launched to the world not long ago.

Specifically, the Ferrari 458 Italia is the successor to the F430, which was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in July 2009 and was present in – just one year later. With a relatively modest number, Ferrari 458 Italia is still considered a “rare” in -. Appear in the article is the only 458 Italia in our country equipped with an optional Italian flag strip on the body of the car at the time of returning home. However, after a period of use, the owner of the car has changed the upper stripe in a more refined direction and at the same time upgraded the new exhaust system for the car.

In the domestic car market, some owners of this model tend to upgrade the exterior with packages from famous brands such as the 458 degrees Misha Designs or the pair of 458 Italia widebody by Liberty Walk. Performance in Hanoi, however, some other owners still decided to keep the original beauty that made a name for the Italian “super horse”.

Designed by renowned studio Pininfarina, Ferrari 458 Italia is a blend of soft lines in the design stage and sporty features on Ferrari models, perhaps because of this, but never designed. above 458 Italia is believed to be obsolete. Even the supercar from Italy has also won a series of design awards such as “Car of the Year 2010” or “Supercar of the Year 2010”, … The front end impresses with the lights combined with LED daytime running long beautiful strip, this is also the headlight design applied by the Italian carmaker for the majority of Ferrari produced later.

The body of the car is refined with successive curves. Scuderia shields are placed on the front wheel arches and the Pininfarina logo is placed close to the rear wheel recess. The highlight on the body is a set of beautifully designed black single-spoke 5-spoke wheels, in contrast to the Giallo Modena gold paint coating of this 458 Italia. Hidden behind the wheels is a high-performance disc brake system including carbon ceramic brake discs with good heat resistance and Brembo Ferrari brakes painted in gold.

The rear of the car has a simple but equally beautiful design with round tail lights, 3 exhaust pipes placed side by side in the center. The diffuser painted black creates accents. In the 458 Speciale version, the exhaust assembly is changed to two symmetrical exhaust caps, this design remains until the next generation Ferrari 488 GTB and the latest is the F8 Tributo. In addition, the owner of this Ferrari 458 Italia also vigorously upgraded the exhaust system of the Innotech Performance Exhaust brand worth more than 300 million -. The new exhaust system with exhaust hood is made of titanium material that changes color when subjected to the impact of high temperatures, while giving a more impressive scream to the naturally aspirated V8 engine block.

Going inside, the car’s interior compartment is coordinated in dark tones combined with yellow stitching. The seats on the car have a sporty design but still ensure comfort for the occupants. In addition, the car seat is contoured with golden stripes, combined with the “horse riding” logo embroidered on the headrests. The steering wheel of the car has a design inspired by Formula 1 racing cars with the Start / Stop Engine button, the steering wheel and the gearshift integrated at the rear. The dashboard on the car is divided into 3 areas, including 2 electronic screens and 1 analog clock in the center, this analog clock not only shows the revs, but also decorated with a gold background. Outstanding, this is the detail that customers have to spend extra money to get.

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