Details of the expensive supercar of Trung Nguyen Coffee Group suddenly re-exported on the street Review

Details of the expensive supercar of Trung Nguyen Coffee Group suddenly re-exported on the street

On the morning of June 16, Trung Nguyen Legend library located at 12, Alexander De Rhodes Street, District 1 was officially converted to a coffee garden with a space blending with impressive nature. , ready to welcome coffee lovers and enthusiasts to enjoy a special coffee party. Besides the aforementioned event, the appearance of supercars with military blue decal has attracted a lot of attention as these are rare and very rarely rolling on the street.

Leading the 7-car convoy is the Mercedes-Benz home sports car – the AMG GT S Edition 1. The interesting thing about this model is that it is the first Mercedes-AMG GT S Edition 1 to return to the country in 2015. , the car used to possess a strong matte black paint but was repainted to white tones and most recently it was stuck with military blue “uniform” color.

Unlike the standard AMG GT S, which received a number of upgrades both on the exterior and interior, the front bumper has been fitted with a large spoiler, and a glass roof on the AMG GT S has been replaced. by the roof made of carbon fiber and added a fixed wing spoiler to the rear. The interior is covered with carbon fiber and uses Nappa leather in combination with high-end Dynamica leather.

It was followed by the rare Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Final Edition supercar in the world, known to have only 350 SLS AMG GT Final Edition produced to mark the end of the SLS line, giving way to the appearance of the latter AMG GT. In the Vietnamese market, this SLS AMG GT Final Edition is still unique in our country.

Compared with the standard SLS AMG, the Final Edition is equipped with a range of carbon fiber exterior details such as the front cradle, bonnet and rear spoiler. Not only bring aesthetic elements to the car, carbon fiber details also help to reduce weight, optimize performance for the SLS AMG GT Final Edition. In addition, on the Final Edition variant, a diamond-cut five-spoke set of five-spoke wheels with a beautiful design, hidden inside are AMG brake shackles painted orange.

Besides the pair of sports cars and super cars bearing the three-pointed star brand, it would be missing to mention the Ferrari supercar couple including the 458 Italia and 599 GTB. The 458 Italia owned by the Trung Nguyen Coffee Group is the only one in our country equipped with Bianco Avus white paint, this is one of the first “super horse” models collected into a huge collection. . Through many times of color change by means of decal stickers, the Ferrari 458 Italia supercar is currently wearing a military blue coat.

However, the number of 458 Italia cars in – is still quite a lot compared to the 599 GTB brother, which arrived in – at the end of August 2009, is still the only Ferrari 599 GTB in our country. At the time of the return, it had Ferrari’s signature Rosso Corsa red paint but was later repainted to white and now has a military blue decal. Although more than 10 years old, the definitive design features on the 599 GTB still makes many people fall in love. After the appearance of the 599 GTB, descendants such as F12 Berlinetta and the latest 812 Superfast were also present on the – supercar map.

Holding the position of the group is the Lamborghini Urus SUV, this is considered the first public appearance of a powerful SUV since being brought to the huge collection of Trung Nguyen Coffee Group. This Lamborghini Urus is the third Urus to return to the country and is the first to own Giallo Auge yellow paint, the car arrives in – on a private import basis and has a price of more than 20 -. In addition to the prominent Giallo Auge gold paint, the car is equipped with a set of 21-inch 5-spoke wheels that are quite “gentle”, along with a gold-painted brake shackles similar to the exterior paint.

In addition to sports cars and supercars together wearing military blue decal, at the event that took place on the morning of June 16, there was also the appearance of the pair of super luxury convertible cars, rare Rolls-Royce Phantom. Drophead Coupe, both cars are re-coordinated exterior with white and silver tones, combined with logos of brands owned by Trung Nguyen Coffee Group.

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