Detail of the expensive selling price of options on Ferrari supercar Review

Detail of the expensive selling price of options on Ferrari supercar

Ferrari is one of the oldest supercar companies in the world, both in racing history and street cars. Ferrari supercars were originally created to be a source of funding for its owner, Enzo Ferrari, to continue his race. From the track, many legendary supercars were born and up to this point, they are the most expensive cars on the planet. This also leads to the increasing brand value of Ferrari.

At this point, you can hardly buy a new Ferrari “freezing” from the factory for less than 200,000 USD and of course, that amount does not include options. Previously, CarPassion gave people the price of some Lamborghini options and if those numbers aren’t enough to stun you, the numbers that appear below may do it.

First, let’s talk about improving the look of the car, Ferrari will sell some basic paint colors at no extra cost when buying a car such as red, yellow, black. If you want to add metallic beads to the paint color or change to a more beautiful paint color, the price can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the configuration of the paint color. For example, the “Historical Color” nostalgic upgrade package will offer more options with prices starting from $ 12,500. More advanced, four-layer color paint sells for nearly $ 27,000 while the basic personalization program will cost you around $ 36,300, some people even have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create themselves. a separate paint color and variable it is the only paint color they can use. On special Ferrari cars, the company will offer a retro racing-style plaid package, priced at $ 15,000.

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As for other upgrades, Ferrari offers an exterior and interior carbon fiber upgrade package for somewhere over $ 50,000. The same material engine hood costs $ 8,000, the titanium exhaust on the Ferrari F8 Tributo and F8 Spider costs $ 2,500 while the painted brake shackles cost $ 1,520. If you want a deeper personalization, you can opt for a carbon fiber wheel for $ 25,000 with a set of titanium wheel screws that will cost $ 1,700. On the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso and GTC4 Lusso T, the panoramic sunroof is offered for $ 20,250, the magnetic suspension on the Ferrari Portofino costs $ 5,600.

Stepping inside the cockpit, leather and leather, as well as the exterior paint and accompanying details, can be equipped with a variety of materials and styles and will be priced differently. Some other interior components will also be sold separately, such as a $ 1,000 fire extinguisher, an ashtray and cigarette lighter for $ 800, and a carbon fiber cup holder for $ 2,500. Meanwhile, a basic equipment like Apple CarPlay will cost you more than $ 4,000 if you want it on the Ferrari 812 Superfast. Ferrari also sells a set of golf clubs with the same interior color, priced at 11,000 USD.

That’s just one of the few options on the list that Ferrari will offer customers. When fully equipped, the prices of Ferrari cars can be surprisingly high. With the Ferrari F8 Tributo, the price of the car will increase from the starting price of $ 276,550 to more than $ 410,000 while the Ferrari 812 Superfast will have the highest price at more than $ 650,000, double the car’s starting price of $ 335,000. this.

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