Detail of rare 13-year-old Ferrari F430 Spider exhaust is worth nearly $ 10,000 – Review

Detail of rare 13-year-old Ferrari F430 Spider exhaust is worth nearly $ 10,000 in Saigon

For those who have fallen in love with the beauty and power of supercars from the early days of the expensive car movement in our country, the Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari F430 names will certainly be two supercars to most imprints.

Not only are the pioneering “shots”, the supercar duo mentioned above also impresses with a strong design and almost has no outdated signs after more than 10 years on the market. Even at the present time, many people are willing to spend heavily to bring to the garage supercars that are over 10 years old as a way to experience the purest driving feeling.

The Ferrari F430 Spider of the owner of a luxury car showroom – is an example, although it was manufactured in 2007, it is more than 13 years old but still cared for by the owner and regular maintenance. Thanks to that, the “super horse” still retains its glittering appearance as it was at the moment of the factory, in addition, the engine block of the car still works smoothly, ready for the fierce acceleration on the street.

Ferrari F430 Spider is a convertible supercar model launched to the public at the 2005 Geneva Motorshow show, one year later than the Coupe variant. Both versions above are produced by the Italian automaker until 2009 and replaced by the 458 Italia. The Saigon player’s F430 Spider owns Ferrari’s signature Rosso Corsa red paint, the highlight on the car is located in the interior compartment with a rare color scheme compared to other F430s currently available in -.

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As a result of the cooperation between Pininfarina and Ferrari, the design on the F430 Spider is refined in a more aerodynamic direction, but no less pitiful, “transformed” completely compared to the soft design of the money model. F360. Inspired by the senior 156 Dino Sharknose, the front bumper of the car has the appearance of two large black-painted wind cavities, halogen headlights hidden in the body and the luggage compartment located in the front.

A special feature of the F430 is located in the left side mirror with the car’s name embossed. The bodywork impresses with air slots including side air slots and a higher air slot capable of taking advantage of the airflow passing through the body to cool the rear V8 engine block. At the position of the side air cavity there is the appearance of the metal Pininfarina logo, not only in charge of designing for the “horseback” logo models, Pininfarina is also known when undertaking the exterior design for -‘s first two car models – the Vinfast LUX A 2.0 and LUX SA 2.0. The car is equipped with a set of 5 double-spoke wheels with a diameter of 19 inches in silver color, the owner of the car has decided to repaint this set of wheels into an impressive gun barrel tone. Hidden behind are brake shackles of Brembo painted red combined with steel brake discs.

The rear end has an angled design with dual rear lights inspired by the legendary Ferrai Enzo. In the center position is the logo “horse riding” metal, underneath the car is added a diffuser painted black. Ferrari F430 Spider is equipped with an exhaust system with 4 exhaust shots divided equally by the rear of the car, but due to not satisfied with the original sound, the owner of this rare convertible model has upgraded. for vehicles with new exhaust system branded Innotech Performance Exhaust is priced at about – 200 million.

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The remarkable highlight on the Ferrari F430 Spider is the black fabric-covered electric hood, contrasting the striking red paint of the car. Unfortunately, the Ferrari F430 Spider is one of the last convertibles to be equipped with a fabric hood, since the younger generation 458 Spider, 488 Spider or the latest F8 Spider onwards, convertibles. Ferrari ceilings are equipped with a hard folding roof. Despite bringing a modern touch to later Ferrari cars, the fabric folding roof is still more popular with customers by giving their Ferrari a nostalgic and equally artistic beauty. Similar to the 360 ​​Spider, the engine cover of the F430 Spider is made of transparent glass, revealing the beauty of one of Ferrari’s most iconic engine blocks. And yet, since the 458 Spider series onwards, the descendants convertible versions all have a sealed lid.

Entering the cockpit, this is probably the only F430 in our country to own a wine-red leather interior, ton-sur-ton combined with Rosso Corsa red paint. Unlike the senior F360, Ferrari F430 is equipped with a steering wheel inspired by F1 racing models, integrated with a Start / Stop Engine button or a knob to adjust the driving mode for the car. Behind are two large shift paddles, analog instrument cluster that displays all necessary operating information, especially the rev counter with prominent yellow surface, this is an option that Ferrari customers will have to spend extra money to get them.

Not stopping there, the car’s interior compartment is equipped with a series of carbon fiber details such as the air conditioning recess, the center console and the main area between the two seats. The car name “F430” is engraved on a metal plate and placed in the center of the dashboard, different from the current Ferrari with the car name always appearing on the dashboard in front of the passenger seat. In addition, below the air conditioner in the extra seat area, Ferrari added a 60th anniversary logo (1947-2007), which means that this Ferrari F430 Spider “super horse” was produced in 2007. .

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The “heart” that Ferrari F430 Spider uses is a naturally aspirated V8 engine block with a capacity of 4.3 liters, producing a maximum capacity of 483 horsepower. Vehicle accelerates 0-100 km / h in just 3.6 seconds and has a top speed of 310 km / h. The numbers are extremely impressive for a supercar produced in the early 2000s.

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