Compare Honda CBR600RR 2021 with old versions

Compare Honda CBR600RR 2021 with old versions

CBR600RR 2021 Honda Japan officially revealed the actual images. Honda CBR600RR 2021 is a comprehensive “transformation” of the appearance as well as equipped with a more powerful engine and many advanced technologies.

Honda CBR600RR 2021 will be officially launched globally on August 21, 2020. Currently, Honda has not released any technical details and selling price. As introduced by us, according to images and clips announced by Honda, CBR600RR 2021 will be equipped with a 599cc 4-cylinder engine block, more powerful than the old version, equipped with modern TFT clock, other driving modes each other, equipped with a unique aerodynamic wing etc …

Compare Honda CBR600RR 2021 with old versions

Since its inception until now, Honda CBR600RR has always captured the majority of attention and love from fans around the globe. However, due to not meeting the latest emission standards, Honda CBR600RR had to ‘pity’ to suspend production.

Real image Honda CBR600RR 2021.

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Honda CBR600RR originated from CBR600F was born in 1986, one of the first models to bring all of the characteristic qualities of sportbike to commercial motorcycles. Overall design and development is based on the RC211V platform – the car that once brought glory to the Repsol team in the MotoGP race.

While the Yamaha R6 has a tall and powerful design, the CBR600RR offers a more ‘gentle’ and smoother look, along with outstanding performance in the segment.

For the majority of true motorcycle fans, Honda CBR600RR is always a favorite model when it comes to all the elements that anyone desires.

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However, due to the strictness of the emissions standards, Honda had to completely remove the CBR600RR from its product line around mid-2017.

Because the cost to develop a 600cc engine block on the CBR600RR that met Euro4 standards at that time was too expensive.

Stopping CBR600RR production completely was not an easy decision for Honda. Because this is a product that has been very important to the Japanese car brand for many years, although the profits it brought are not really outstanding.

According to Honda, the development of a 600cc engine block that meets the Euro4 standard has the same high cost as a 1000cc engine. In addition, if the engine meets Euro4, the weight of the car will increase significantly, thereby reducing the handling capacity of the CBR600RR.

There are outstanding technological features and outstanding equipment that Honda CBR600RR used to own such as: DOHC inline-4 engine with a capacity of 118 hp with a maximum speed of 252 km / h, quality cooling system PGM-DSFI liquid and electronic fuel injection, Showa Big Piston Fork reverse cruise front suspension, LED twin headlights, 18.1 liter large capacity fuel tank, large front / rear hydraulic disc brake system 310mm / 220mm, anti-lock braking system ABS combined with Honda Electronic, 12-spoke cast aluminum rim with size 17 inch, …

Since 2007 Honda has changed the CBR600RR’s style and is the most popular design, until 2013 did Honda continue the appearance of the CBR600RR. At the time of 2015… CBR600RR of the latest crate model has a selling price of about $ 21,000. Honda CBR600RR 2021 price will be officially announced on August 21, 2020. continues to update.

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